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Trying to temper my excitement here, but if...and I mean IF...this rumor is true and a gleaming residential tower is built, then it could have a tremendous ripple effect.  A nice glass exterior would pair well with the twin SkyHouses, the Metro building, Amegy Bank, and even the new Central Square a few blocks south.  Toss in the new Holiday Inn and all of a sudden we have the potential for real energy on those streets.  It might also cause something to finally be done with the Days Inn next door, but now I'm getting way ahead of myself.  Great find, DrLan34!

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Yeah on November 6th I posted in the that I saw a drilling company on site but I thought it was just a water well since I only saw one hole. Since then I've noticed drillings dispersed throughout the lot. So I guess they were doing soil samples last week.

Prime property right there. I wish the parking garage around the days inn would be next

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isn't this particular design already taken?  this prospective edifice, appears to look almost identical to the new building, that is now going up right next to the new catholic cathedral just a few short blocks away.  surely, i cannot be this mistaken.... could i?

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