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Office Tower At 1111 Travis St.


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So many parking lots, especially on the southeast side. More high rises needed.


I'm thinking 1711 and the Camden Conte projects, if they go though, will anchor development in this area. A lot of low- to mid-scale residential developments would be nice to see here. It would be nice to have a part of downtown that has a more relaxed feel to it.

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I didn't really pay any attention to the cranes as I was leaving work this evening, but I did notice that pretty much all of the top track is in place; it looks like all of the big HVAC pieces are there, too - so yeah, the're probably going to be disassembled soon.

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Does look like they're going to take the crane down.  One has lowered itself, the large cranes have been staged.

The other crane looks like it's still being used though - for dry wall.  Probably just using it while its there






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