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Bethel Baptist Church At 801 Andrews St.


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i just noticed the doorway on the right. so they did go through with the garden(?) area off one side of the building. what did that look like?ryz6vPF.jpg?1

this render shows the water feature i was talking about that i dont see present in the construction (where the big flat stone is in the ground near the back wall, next to a wheel barrow)


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good eyes.. i guess those are pipes sticking up on the two bench looking things on either side of the "altar". looks like they changed that part of the design a little. glad to see there is still a water feature.


Check the 4th & 5th pictures from Triton...gives you a closer look.....almost looks like a shield shape in the ground ?

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No, I don't, but maybe someone should consider it as a gift to the park. I was just making a comment that it would be nice to not see the power lines. I realize it takes money to do those kinds of things, but I didn't realize my comment would be taken the way you responded.

I've seen others make the same comment about power lines in other areas and I just wish they could all be buried.

Less stuff to get in the way of a nice project.

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Dedication is December 7th.

There were several lighting specialist that were there tonight. They told me there's no official date for the true opening of the park but he said it would likely be in the next two or three weeks, based on final park approval. 







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went by again today and the gates were unfortunately locked. has it not officially opened yet? i know the ceremony was last week.. my buddy had his new camera though and we managed to snap a few semi decent photos of it. like i said previously, it looks even better in person.


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