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Bank Of America Tower At 800 Capitol St.


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I doubt new digs would help Bracewell recruit any better. The legal market is still tight, and I don't know of many associates who'd choose a place for its building. Baker Botts has glorified cubicles for its junior associates now.


That's better than getting a glorified cubicle at random (no assigned seat) when you show up for work every day, which seems to be more popular with employers these days.


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Rather than building the garage to 8 and the lobby level to 2 and then completing the work once they secured a tenant, they are now going to build the tower and parking garage to 12.  Speculate from there...


A tenant-by-tenant construction approach. Awesome. Every time a new tenant signs, build the building a little higher.


If they are putting any office space over the garage, that is probably going to be it. Cut their losses and walk away.

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Since this part of the tunnel is closed which would you suggest is the best building to enter.

I have some visitors in town and they wanted to see the tunnels.

I don't get down there enough, and I wanted to give them a good idea of what its like, without wasting a lot of their time. Any suggestions. Thanks

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