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HAIF's Political Bent, a poll


What is your political bent?  

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  1. 1. What is your political bent according to the Online Quiz?

    • Centrist
    • Left (liberal)
    • Libertarian
    • Statist (big government)
    • Right (conservative)

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political poll quiz: http://www.theadvocates.org/quiz

Left (Liberal)

Liberals usually embrace freedom of choice in personal matters, but tend to support significant government control of the economy. They generally support a government-funded "safety net" to help the disadvantaged, and advocate strict regulation of business. Liberals tend to favor environmental regulations, defend civil liberties and free expression, support government action to promote equality, and tolerate diverse lifestyles.


Libertarians support maximum liberty in both personal and economic matters. They advocate a much smaller government; one that is limited to protecting individuals from coercion and violence. Libertarians tend to embrace individual responsibility, oppose government bureaucracy and taxes, promote private charity, tolerate diverse lifestyles, support the free market, and defend civil liberties.


Centrist prefer a "middle ground" regarding government control of the economy and personal behavior. Depending on the issue, they sometimes favor government intervention and sometimes support individual freedom of choice. Centrists pride themselves on keeping an open mind, tend to oppose "political extremes," and emphasize what they describe as "practical" solutions to problems.

Right (Conservative)

Conservatives tend to favor economic freedom, but frequently support laws to restrict personal behavior that violates "traditional values." They oppose excessive government control of business, while endorsing government action to defend morality and the traditional family structure. Conservatives usually support a strong military, oppose bureaucracy and high taxes, favor a free-market economy, and endorse strong law enforcement.

Statists (Big Government)

Statists want government to have a great deal of power over the economy and individual behavior. They frequently doubt whether economic liberty and individual freedom are practical options in today's world. Statists tend to distrust the free market, support high taxes and centralized planning of the economy, oppose diverse lifestyles, and question the importance of civil liberties.

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Yeah statist is a new one on me. I've found it interesting that "conservative", a term in common use in Europe, is also used here in the US, but not "socialist". Is it truly that bad a word here?

Anyway, I can't select an option because none accurately describes all of the positions I hold (or think I hold).

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No real surprise here. I came out as a Lefty but leaned libertarian rather than statist probably because I answered a few cut taxes/government spending questions with a "maybe" simply because I'd be open to slashing our military budget to help balance the budget but I am radically opposed to cutting Social Security or Medicare.

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Ok.. several people can't read.

This isn't a poll on what you would consider yourself... this is a poll that runs in conjunction with an online test.

Go take the test.. You'll be provided with 1 answer.

Several people think this is poorly worded and rather pointless. I'm none of the above, why would I bother taking this test?

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Where would I fall on this rather useless poll if I said:

Most people should NOT be allowed to do whatever they want


I think the poll would rate you conservative or statist rather than liberal. I voted 'Agree' for all the personal liberty issues and it threw me in the liberal category near the border with libertarian. Funny because I've always thought of myself as a conservative, but I suspect I'm really classically liberal in the 18th century use of the word instead of the modern usage.

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I'm a libertarian, and quite frankly a good number of people are and don't even know it, but that's because we have a two party system so its hard for people to support a true libertarian.


I found a while back when I switched from super conservative to libertarian that it allowed me to be more flexible with my beliefs and that now that I'm a libertarian if I do develop more liberal leanings on any number of subjects I don't have to worry because I'm not in the sort of "rank and file" thinking you get in a particular party (D or R). It's allowed myself to fully explore and freely express my opinions, sensibilities, tolerances, and principles.


It's also more of what you might call a "classic liberal". A champion for various social causes and changes while at the same time a stalwart for a very regimented, yet also small government structure that is very stable in nature yet also at the same time very unstable due to the small gov nature. A balance of both change and consistency!


i'm surprised at how leftward my libertarian leanings have become in the last ten years.


libertarian: personal 90%/economics 60%


This is the same case for me. When it comes to a lot of social issues my leanings have really gone more to the left, but when it comes to economics im fairly conservative and it even shows in my personal spending. However, there are differences when it comes to what level of government should spend the most when it comes to tax dollars and where they go. I find that I feel local governments should actually be a little more liberal in terms of spending because in theory they know the people they govern far better than those higher up. The state should be the middle of spending and none spending, and Federal gov the least. I rather have federal government spend more on domestic defense (that means enough to maintain good standing against our enemies abroad, but not so ridiculous that we just go to war whenever -.- ), infrastructure, science, the arts, and a few others. I really hate spending on welfare and while we are leaning more towards a Social Democracy rather than a Federal Constitutional Republic, welfare is going to be a part of the government that you ultimately wont get rid of and if we do have to have this necessary evil then it should be as efficient as possible (which of course its more like a charlie-foxtrot!)


Would go into the others another post...I'm incredibly tired and this was about how much I could get too :P


Ultimately as a nation we need to have a serious chat on exactly what road we want to go down. Do we restore our Federal Constitutional Republic and make the necessary fixes to insure its stability or do we go down the road of many of our European contemporaries and become of Social Democracy. Whatever that choice is we need to make it and really move forward....because we are kinda just on the fence and its rather annoying. 

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Part of the idea of having the larger entities take on more of the funding is that it gives places with fewer people and hence likely fewer resources a chance to compete - for example, in education, just as in infrastructure.  

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