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River Oaks District: Mixed-Use Development At 4444 Westheimer Rd.

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What is cool about HAIF is that is it made up of diverse people who have in common a love of architecture and a desire to see Houston be the best city it can. I'm a black "mom" who has no formal training in architecture, but I enjoy it and learn so much from this site.

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Hello Haifer's.........After surviving my previous incident with the security, I went to ROD today and walked the entire development (without the property manager who asked me to look him up for a tour).  I walked in most stores and browsed and everyone was soooo NICE! Not sure if it was the champagne and drinks being served in some of the stores or not.  However, I think Houston will really be proud of it's River Oaks District!


Also! I did park on the first level.

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We didn't stay long since we had to run to the Contemporary Art Fair but it is definitely on another level. Truly blew my mind away and I can only imagine how it will be when it is finished and has more stores.

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went last night as well just to walk around...every store that was open was super incredible decor wise and the staff was always friendly etc.

i think not wearing my nicest shoes allowed the sales people to leave me alone while i looked at all the items i will probably never buy haha! 

the project in general is beautiful as i have already said due to lighting and landscaping...

i was disappointed that none of the restaurants were open yet as my budget always allows a nice meal, so i cant wait for those to open...in fact i probably wont return until that happens...so someone keep me updated! 

and wow the iPic is indeed on top of Cartier but no signage as of yet and in fact its hard to believe from looking at the progress that they are still saying it will be open around the first of November...so we shall see how that goes! 

anyway...check it out if you havent yet and dont forget to look for me tomorrow at the Buffalo Bayou Park Grand Opening! should be a fun day with this beautiful weather...wow!!! (and fireworks too!!! yahooOoOoOoo!)


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Hopdoddy is overrated. Ya the burgers are pretty good but they're definitely no better than bernies and definitely not better than lankford. Every time I see a line 100 people deep at the south congress location I'm reminded at how much austonians buy into their own BS.

I agree, they are not as good as Lankford, which is more of a traditional style patty like you get in small towns. Something is added to the meat, not sure what. They are tasty, but in a different way.

Also, the line is a trick of marketing, based on the fact that they don't let you give them your name and wait, and they limit the length of the line inside, forcing it outside. I mean, if Black Eyed Pea didn't take names, they would have a line going outside the door.

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