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  1. I used to work construction ( back when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth). If I recall correctly we did not pour concrete if there was a serious rain threat. Anyone know the guidelines these days?
  2. Thank You. Great photos. It is going to be great when the 609 and the Aris top out.
  3. I just looked it up. The Quilt festival is going from October 29th to All Saints Day. Been there. They have beautiful and amazing quilts. Some are works of art. Sorry for the off topic
  4. I've traveled in Siberia. Calling these soviet architecture is a bit of a stretch. The communist apartment buildings are pathetic made with almost no consideration to quality. Our Russian friends were reticent to show them to us. Many had a Pruitt-Igoe appearance without the sense of criminal menace. One hopes no builder could possibly make this junk here in the USA.
  5. This would become the Tour Montparnasse of Houston, ugly and out of place. Maybe they should consider the uptown area. Still ugly but not so out of place.
  6. It may be new, and today people treat new as some holy word, but it is still an ugly building.
  7. Hope the other half is a high rise. That would certainly extend the skyline
  8. Could someone knowledgeable in the ways of real estate explain how this beautiful condo will be constructed soon, yet the 40 story block 98 apartment tower near the sports and convention center as well as rail access to the theater and museum districts is being delayed.
  9. One would hope cspwal. Do not know what is more loathsome, downtown surface parking lots or hideous parking garages like the Chronicle garage. Glad to see they are disappearing.
  10. I was under the impression that the I-69 to I-45 segment was on schedule for completion at the end of 2015. I know the wet Spring slowed things down, but since late May it has been fairly dry. I wonder if penalties will be invoked.
  11. I took a tour of the Med center/Museum district/ Montrose/ Midtown and Downtown areas on Saturday. I was surprised there were not more people walking around. Especially around midtown. By my un-scientific perception midtown appears the most densely populated. It was a beautiful day. Left perplexed, though everything looks great in all the areas I visited.
  12. This is sickening. Their families are in hell itself right now. My heart and my prayers are with them.
  13. A very minor point. They are placing cold hardy palms in a protected location. The new Holiday Inn on Main is placing Queen palms in a location exposed to cold north winds, which they will regret. These trees will look beautiful if properly taken care of.
  14. These designations are somewhat artifical. I think it has to do with location. Muleshoe Texas a highrise is 150 to 200 feet. Downtown Houston I would guess the 400 to 500 foot range. But then again I would not call a 350 foot building a midrise. Anyone know for sure?
  15. From family and friends who have had extensive renovations of their houses I can't say I am surprised this may take longer than expected. How long did the Rice take? Anyone know?
  16. I hope these do not become like Jake Elwood's apartment in Blues Brothers (noisewise).
  17. Sundays would not feel quite right without Hindesky's photos. Thanks.
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