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GreenStreet And The Laura Hotel, Autograph Collection


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It has to be both. Having both allows people to walk around to go from one to another and creates a more vibrant setting. 


I was Downtown last Sunday and there were thousands of people there.  There was a huge convention and they were looking for somewhere to eat.  Most places closed, but I told them to go to Market Square.  Or ride the rail and get off Midtown McGowen station and walk 2 blocks west which there are many restaurants there.  Definitely need more restaurants and retail.


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So, they went from smashing what was there before to 3 floors built in less than 9 months.  There's not a good analogous project in downtown that I can think of offhand, but that seems relatively fast.


Skyhouse was built in like 4 hours.

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I sure wish they would turn those blank gray things into large video screens. Can't wait to see Green Street finally deliver the promise that the Houston Pavilions made.

^^^ i do concur.  i am hoping like crazy that those "blank grey things" head into someone's dumpster.  it would be a disaster to keep those as part of the overall ambiance.. once this structure is completed...

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Looks like it's not going to be quite 21 stories






Only 20 floors-worth of permits were issued, though, and Midway’s partner-in-highrise Valencia Group has updated its online description of the hotel’s specs to match the lower number since last spring.


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  • The title was changed to Scott Gertner's New Downtown Venue
  • The title was changed to GreenStreet And The Laura Hotel, Autograph Collection

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