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The first demo at Greenspoint Mall has finally come...

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As most of you know, Greenspoint Mall has had plans for a few years now to re-work the mall and try to reattract people to the area. Sears announced it was closing its Greenspoint location in March, and is on its last legs as I write this. I passed Greenspoint Mall today heading to work and was surprised to see the former JC Penney's store is now demolished. I spoke with our police officer/security this morning, who is stationed at the GP substation and he indicated that the Sears store and auto center are the next one's to be demo'ed, followed by the Montgomery Ward's old store (which is currently being used to train departing KBR contractors heading to Afghanistan and Iraq). Macy's is getting a complete overhaul, which is desperately needed now that they have destroyed what once was a beautiful Foley's store.

JC Penney's former site is to house a 20 screen movie theater in which construction is set to begin this summer. From what I gathered yesterday, MW's store will be an open air concert venue, Sears is a big question mark. Considering it is the only one story department store in the mall, something tells me that Burlington Coat Factory across I-45 on Greens Rd. may be moving into the mall itself. If you want to take one last look at the old girl, you better hurry. Now that the demolition has begun, it sounds like they are going to move quickly on the long awaited plan for resurrection of the mall.

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From what I heard Greenspoint is still doing extremely badly.

There was a nasty comment left about Greenspoint Mall here. It's mostly complaining about the mall, how it's overrun with crime, in poor physical condition, rumors of Dillard's Clearance Center calling it quits, etc. etc.

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