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  1. speaking of canyon seems they have completely gutted out all of canyon cafe and the old relax the back store...with the rug store closing up soon, does anyone know if they are knocking down the whole stand alone building those 3 are/were housed in or are they just renovating? it seems to me they are knocking it down...and if so, i wonder what is planned for that space?
  2. Yep! Saturday morning i hopped on my bicycle and traveled from my condo across from the galleria and headed towards GRB and man it was a blast seeing all the fun people running around Discovery Green and Avenida Houston in their costumes..and seeing our city at its best! Then as i rode around a bit more i discovered the art car parade was about to happen so i checked out some of the cars and people getting ready for that...and really it was such an amazing day that me and some friends decided to go back to Discovery Green that night to lay on the lawn and watch Moana!...loved it!!! haha! SO much fun and really, i love my city more and more all the time!
  3. awesome....thank you for the update Urbannizer!!!
  4. this is taking over the huge empty grass/park like area in front of The James? i was hoping they would turn this into a true park like the new midtown park with music/event venue etc...oh well!
  5. yahoooOOooOoooooo!!! much needed!
  6. one of my employees is close with the victim's ex-husband who she had hired someone (an undercover officer) to kill for 20,000 and 2 cartier watches...guess she was afraid of jail since her court date was today... scary from some crazy movie...
  7. rode my bike from my galleria condo to discovery green saturday (thats HUGE for me btw seeing that i ride my bike once a a park just to lay down in the grass haha! )...anyway...saw that Bud's Pitmaster BBQ still has its Super Bowl Preview signs up with no work going on inside and looks like nothing has been done since it was open for those "Preview" nights...any word on what's going on with that place? and ps...with the Bassmaster Classic Outdoor Expo going on with other events as well it seemed, it was so nice to see everyone out and about enjoying Discovery Green and Avenida Houston! Because of my adventure i also got to finally experience Buffalo Bayou paths on my bike which was so awesome...hope to do that alot more! Love our city so darn much!
  8. i am guessing something will be happening to almost all of the things you mention once this project is completed...
  9. Tillman Tower has a better ring to it.................
  10. wooooohooooooooooooooooo! thats awesome news! yay us!!! (love that photo too btw!)
  11. yeah what is the deal with that....the restroom is always the worst there!!!
  12. cant they just shut down all 53,426 Mattress Firms and make this one HUGE location!?
  13. haha i did the same thing... and nope....
  14. wow great photos!!! thanks for posting those!