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  1. "While it's true that we have purchased property in Houston as a potential future restaurant, we are still evaluating our opportunities there and are in the very, very early stages of that process. I anticipate it will be more than a year before any further progress develops," said Carl Arena, vice president of development. "Although we look forward to the possibility of future opportunities in Houston it would be extremely premature to speculate when or even if we will open a restaurant there." as taken from: so it looks like we may be waiting for sucky fries for awhile
  2. Sushigami opens tomorrow for those interested...(west side of ice skating rink)
  3. haha nope we just kind of said...oh great, now we have to move AGAIN! moving an office is the worst!
  4. an employee with Barnhart Co. Management here in the building is telling some of the tenants...including us...
  5. Re: Sage Park at 2121 Sage- rumor has it that no leases will be extended past 2019 to make way for a proposed 64 story office building... anyone have any information regarding this? we already had to move out of the old compass bank building to make way for the new one on Post this building is supposedly the next to go... if anyone would like to have a building torn down in Houston let me know so we can move to that building to ensure that it happens haha!
  6. it actually looks pretty strange from the outside, as it will probably/eventually be large windows, however for now, that is all boarded up since this is where presumably the 4 restaurants will while the facade is nice, it will look even better once this is all uncovered! looking forward to this in the fall (hopefully)!
  7. walked to the galleria this morning and the first level of the renovated corridor leading to saks looks on target to open for business tomorrow as most stores facades have been uncovered and there are tons of people loading in and straightening/arranging items etc...the second level seems like maybe 1/3 of the stores if that will be ready to open tomorrow. they also opened up the lower level corridor that leads to the westheimer facing entrance...lots of excitement going on in this part of the galleria! it all looks really nice and i am sure there will be lots of photos online soon enough!
  8. this was from the original post: The building will be 8 stories tall consisting of two levels forWholeFoods, 260 apartments, 2 levels for residentparking, and two levels ofundergroundparking forWholeFoods customers. So i am not sure that has changed...
  9. The Rustic is now slated to open Summer 2018: and
  10. well Micaiah's show was great and such a good crowd too! to take quite a little walk over to the volleyball courts after the show and all the courts were full of people playing volleyball so that was fun to see. (i was thinking this was adjacent to the venue but its up the road a little ways but can be seen from WOMH)... and then just saw this news item on Houston Press website: everyone is so different so i am sure there have to be some residents who love that this area is establishing cool places to hang and watch music... but not these folks apparently... good luck to WOMH! hope there is a way to make (almost) everyone happy
  11. i love austin and i love houston...but would love the museum to be here in houston!
  12. wow! i am impressed with this development the more i see it!
  13. thanks crackpot for the update!
  14. sorry i haven't posted a photo yet but seriously i can never get the sizing right...someone needs to send me step by step directions haha! anyway...looks like all or most of the stores in the new wing will be open June 30th (not the street facing restaurants of course as they are saying nov 2017 if not by spring 2018), but the ones in the 2 story hallway connecting galleria 2 with Saks! Saks Wing Stores There’s a whole wing full of new boutiques that are scheduled to open at the Galleria by the end of the month. Ted Baker, Lacoste, Sam Edelman, Adriano Goldschmied, Cuadra, Robin’s Jean and Trésor Rare are all set to bow in the state-of-the-art, redeveloped section of the mall on June 30. as stated in this article:
  15. they have now removed the fence and have just a netted fence so you can see the progress...i think they are working on the parking lot this week to finish that out along with night the top and then the part framing the stores within as well as the pattern feature are lit up at night and its pretty impressive with how simplistic and nice it looks! cant wait for this to be finished...they are saying it will be around november/december for the restaurants in the front (empty) portion to be built out and open...we shall see!