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  1. The Kirby Collection by Thor Equities

    I think they do that because if anyone is like me, i would have to sell my vehicle just to be able to afford to live there! yay metro!!!
  2. wow...they are really trying to fight this... thank you so much for the response and update Urbannizer!!!
  3. Now hiring 600 people - Job fair is this week and next...
  4. YES!!!! that's right! I used to live behind this development in the Uptown Post Oak Lofts and hated that corner haha! Hopefully they do something with that soon... thanks for the clarification!
  5. I cant believe he hasn't purchased the corner of Post Oak and the feeder road and developed that...(just north of his development) that empty bank building/lot is such an eyesore and to know that everyone has to pass that to get to his place...well you would think that would be something he would take on... any news on that corner regarding any plans/projects, etc? Even if they just took down the building and landscaped the lot would be a huge improvement...(now all of a sudden i am second guessing myself haha....there is still a building there right? haha!)
  6. Moxie's opens THIS FRIDAY November 24th! The place looks amazing...tons of tv's and a really nice huge patio as well! Cannot wait!
  7. haha i dont ride my bike that direction but might now!
  8. haha omg please let that be a real invention...and soon!
  9. I live on mccue just off westheimer and work on sage just off westheimer and i see not a ton, but lots of walking...i think more than anything it is people staying at the hotels in the area as even when i ride my bike nightly from my condo to downtown i see people walking quite a bit...i really think that once Post Oak is finished even more people (both workers, residents and hotel guests) will walk the area because it looks like its going to be absolutely beautiful...i cannot wait for it be finished! I even ride my bike past Moxie's every night just to check on their progress because i think this is the beginning of more and more things to come that make Post Oak Blvd such a great street and destination... (btw the rumor is that Moxie's MAY be open as early as Nov 27th!)
  10. any updates on this? i dream of seeing that mattress store and the empty building next to it being knocked down...OFTEN!
  11. yikes...amen to all of that...this place has like 5 things going for it and that is definitely needs "something"...we shall see how this all works out i guess....but, bOOOoOoOoOoring!!!
  12. there is absolutely nothing i like about that lobby (first photo)...yikes! haha!
  13. wow this picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! looking like a mini downtown and i love it!!!
  14. great photos and my god it has taken them no time to build the thing but it has taken them foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to get that crown done!!! haha!!!