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  1. yeah they are the coolest!!!
  2. i LOVED Panchos and that darn flag when i was little haha! I thought that was so cool to be able to do
  3. Wow! How cool! Cant wait to check it all out....which, btw, one of my best friends is a guy name Micaiah Walker (formerly the lead singer of the band Versecity and now Polaroid Summer) and he plays White Oak Music Hall June 9th and i think everyone should go see ya there!
  4. again, agree with all of that...but i do love my little pappasitos on kirby...the chips and queso keep me coming back. and i have lived on mccue across from the galleria for 22 years and worked on sage for 22 years a block i am all for making OUR area better...and i can never have enough good tex mex! hi neighbor!
  5. agree to all of that...except i can never live too close to a pappasitos haha you must live or work close to me!
  6. I came across this article yesterday: it talks about the closing of also talks about how they don't think Nifa's is upscale enough for this development but that is the problem.... I feel like this is a location and area that needs something like a Ninfa's or a Pappasitos to get more people to this dying development... any NEW news on when the "redevelopment" is supposed to happen? i ride my bike by here every single day and while Starbucks, Crave, Cafe Express (and for the most part Tasting Room and periodically McCormick and Schmick's) all are consistently busy, not much else is.... that should tell them something! Get Pappasitos and Pappadeaux's or both (or similar) and it will maybe help the other businesses thrive!
  7. he was there last saturday night as part of fact i was right in front of him on my bike and took a video of him doing the dab! haha
  8. and here is another new write up: love me some central market!
  9. haha it DID smell like delicious bbq and there was a reasonable crowd there...i was there in an off time (around 4pm) so i am betting it was even busier around lunch and dinner time!
  10. I have been to Biggios many times and love the place...good food and no service issues since that opening weekend from my experience. and in other news, Bud's BBQ had it's grand opening Saturday although i wasn't in the mood for bbq and instead went to Mcalister's Deli and man that orange cranberry club sandwich was was the strawberry lemonade! (and of course there were tons of awesome comicpalooza people in super fun costumes when there are cool events at GRB and fun to see so many people enjoying that area!)
  11. was at the galleria and noticed that the entire west end of the ice rink length (along the railing/main food court end) is being turned into a pretty large new sushi place- ... (opening date 06/30/17 according to the Simon Malls website) but even better there is a CoCo Crepes Express ( ) kiosk right by it and that opens in the next couple of weeks!
  12. just heard this today, although its a week or so old: the owner of zone d'erotica was actually the owner of the land and the manager of zone d'erotica etc....but now he is putting the property up for lease...!!! (apparently he will NEVER sell the land...interesting podcast to listen to within the link above...) and asking 400,000 a year rent means it may just stay as is...OY!
  13. RIP
  14. Canyon Cafe and the Relax The Back store below have been completely gutted (with the rug place closing and moving out very soon...) to begin the renovations to make way for Canada based Moxie's Grill & Bar! I'm pretty excited about this since it will be a good sports bar and grill to walk to just behind my condo! Plans were to open originally this summer but as behind as they are, my guess is the fall or next spring...we shall see...!