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  1. The most exciting news about all of this is possibly the fact that the run down convenience store will finally be torn down haha! I wonder how soon that will happen!?
  2. The River Oaks High-Rise Renovations

    I drive past this almost daily...and this place looks amazing and almost move in ready! (?)
  3. Since I ride my bike through here daily I have been watching the progress...the re-facing/painting (white) of the entire development is almost complete...I am thinking by the end of next month they will be done completely with all exterior renovations and if we could only get some more great tenants...Post Oak Blvd is coming along and really will be amazing in my opinion so I am hoping that draws more and more quality businesses our way!
  4. rode my bike by last night and the interior is now entirely gutted out! build out begins!!!!!
  5. walked to this development last night with a buddy and the place was quite a buzz! all the restaurants and bars had a good amount of people and even some were enjoying coffees and desserts at the patisserie...and man they have some amazing cars for sale parked outside the dealership...all in all its good to see this place busy and making uptown even nicer!
  6. i have said that many times in this thread haha!!! powerwashing works miracles!
  7. It looks like Footaction will take over where Rainforest Cafe was and the XD Ride will be on the east end of the rink as well by the elevators/escalator.
  8. learned something new today from a San Antonio website of all places haha: The XD Ride Adventure sounds interesting...I wonder if that is going to take over where Rainforest Cafe was? An Indian restaurant, a dance studio and a virtual reality ride are some of the new retail tenants announced at the Galleria mall. Simon Property Group signed nine new tenants to the iconic Houston shopping mall. The mall owner also announced several relocations of existing tenants, including Microsoft, Chico's, Thirstys and MCM. Here are the new tenants coming to the Galleria: Musaafer by The Spice Route Company: An Indian restaurant with a bar and lounge Quay Australia: A sunglasses brand from Melbourne, Australia Dance With Me: A dance studio offering private and group classes and social practice parties founded by Dancing With the Stars celebrities Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy Popbar: Customizable gelato, sorbetto and yogurt on a stick Maison Luisant: Upscale French salon and spa Charles Tyrwhitt: A British menswear shop offering suits and shoes XD Ride Virtual Adventure: A multi-dimensional virtual movie ride incorporarting surround sound, motion seats and special effects such as wind, lightning, rain, snow, fog, bubble, air blast and aroma Brow Art 23: An eyebrow threading boutique that also offers waxing, henna tattos and skin care consultations Footaction USA/Flight 23: An athletic footwear store with a special Michael Jordan-branded shoe and apparel section
  9. Wowsa! So exciting! Living across from galleria, i have easy and fast access with my bike especially and ride through the park on a daily basis after work just for fun! Love that they are being so generous and cannot wait to see all these amazing changes and improvements to a park i already love! thanks for the info!
  10. thank you everyone for the info and insight! eventually something is going to happen with that corner and just hope it is sooner than later!
  11. Hi! Any updates on this? It has been exciting to go down post oak on a daily basis and see all the work being done...EXCEPT here...haha! I keep hoping every single day that i ride past this on bike or in car, that i will see the existing building(s) closed and demolished!
  12. IT IS CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just rode my bike past there last night...the whole inside is being demolished and there is a building permit posted on the front door stating Snooze and A.M. eatery is the occupant!!!
  13. Spaceport Houston

    My friend sent me a text yesterday saying they just put up a sign on the fence at Ellington saying something about Spaceport. She is going to try to go by there again soon to see what it said exactly.
  14. Pearl on Smith + New Whole Foods

    Yet the opposite would make more sense as you would think it would be better for the stores to have to suffer construction noise rather than the tenants...
  15. I won a school art contest loooooooooooong ago and won a ride on the blimp when it was based in spring off i-45! one of the best days of my life haha!