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  1. Just saw this:
  2. Love that store too and one of my friends had just gotten a great job there so they transferred yeah here's hoping they move to Uptown Park which for the most part is a ghost town...! Would love to see this area be revived with great businesses people actually want to go to!
  3. I wonder if West Elm is truly planning to move to this location as shown in the illustration above and possibly soon since they highland village location closed!? If that is the case, I hope that the rest of this development continues to get more places i will actually shop and eat! crossing fingers..........!
  4. About 4 different areas of Uptown Park are now fenced off...any updates on what is going on?
  5. The River Oaks High-Rise Renovations

    This is actually on Westheimer...and from Shepherd up to Buffalo Speedway they have been re-doing the roads and sidewalks! Its been a long process but it's almost there!
  6. The River Oaks High-Rise Renovations

    try riding a bike in this area haha! however they do seem to working on the roads and sidewalks in this area so hopefully it will all come together soon enough!
  7. The River Oaks High-Rise Renovations

    Drove past this the other day and noticed, wow, this place is really coming along now! Anyone have any new update photos to share (inside or outside)?
  8. Central Market Makeover

    Cant believe the final portion of the renovation is almost complete! love CM!
  9. cant wait to see you there...look for the guy eating the pineapple updside down pancakes!
  10. Yucat√°n Taco Stand

    It is now going to be Texadelphia.
  11. The Boulevard Project

    They have always been there, they are just making them wider and therefore taller to accommodate the new widened roads! Love our arches and can't wait to get our UFO street signs back up! Target date for everything done is Dec 2018 but thinking it may go just a little beyond that... we shall see!
  12. Good lord all this is still giving me a i know how the developer feels haha! I Hope they just knock down that old abandoned building soon and get rid of the mattress store with the old bank drive-thru still attached! Thank you everyone for the posts and clarification! I love Uptown and enjoy seeing it get bigger and better!
  13. Urbannizer! Thank you for the update...I will admit the wording of that attachment left me confused and with a headache haha! Does it all mean that the Cosmopolitan's case has basically been dismissed and the new developers can proceed on the adjacent land? Thank you!!!
  14. Snooze is definitely my current favorite breakfast place...and while the lines/wait can be a bummer, maybe by opening more the wait will be less ....either way, i am stoked to possibly be getting one of these 1 block from my condo and 2 blocks from my work!!!