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  1. 4818 N Shepherd

    Am I the only one for whom mention of N. Shepherd as being in Independence Heights will always be more than a little odd? I get that Shepherd is designated as the western boundary of the Independence Heights super neighborhood, but the actual historical neighborhood itself ends at Yale. Guess this is destined to be one of those arguments like the past ones regarding the historical vs. modern boundaries of the Houston Heights.
  2. Yeah, but it's not uncommon for LinkedIn profiles to not be entirely up-to-date (or entirely factual, but that's a different issue). She has been removed from the "About Us" page on Houstonia's website and someone else is now listed in the position she formerly held.
  3. I hope I didn't curse her by posting that, but it appears that as of a few days ago she is no longer there and has been replaced by one of the recently-laid-off Press staffers. Not sure what happened, but I'm very sorry to see her go, as she was IMO a crucial element of what really made the magazine (and its online component) worth reading and distinguished it from the pack of anodyne competitors. And I say that with no slight intended toward her successor, who I'm sure will do a good job. At any rate, the Texas Observer posted a fine article yesterday which contextualizes the rise and fall of the Press better than anything else I've read so far: Requiem for an Alt-Weekly
  4. 403 West Gray

    There's only so much you can do with maple syrup and poutine.
  5. Defunct Houston Restaurants

    I remember the neon sign at Hebert's Ritz, but was unable to find a pic of it online during an admittedly cursory search. In addition to the restaurant name, it depicted a bear standing upright on its hind legs, in keeping with their familiar advertising tagline "pronounced A-Bear".
  6. Yeah, she's the managing editor. I should've said "parent company" instead of "publisher" in my earlier post - poking around a bit, I see that they had a transition in the publisher role several months ago - the parent company is still the same: Houstonia Magazine names new publisher as former publisher launches new media co. The key quote, for purposes of this discussion:
  7. I would be shocked to discover that Houstonia isn't financially healthy. Maybe my viewpoint is skewed by living in close proximity to the Greater Heights bubble, but from what I can tell the magazine is quite popular and they have a well-oiled, ubiquitous social media presence. I can just about guarantee their ad revenues are far superior than anything the Press could've ever dreamed of, but that's to be expected when you compare the types of advertisers that grace the pages of Houstonia with those in your typical alt-weekly. And in this day and age, revenues from subscriptions and newsstand sales are just a bonus - it's all about the ad revenue. Also, this isn't the publisher's first rodeo - they have previously established other monthlies with a regional focus. The editor used to post here, long before she successfully used her blog as a jumping-off point to a journalism career - I guess if she were still around, she could probably shed some light on these types of questions.
  8. To be fair, most of the freelancers they're depending on now have been writing for them for a while, and some of them are fairly capable writers. But taken as a whole, I fear you're right about the suck factor increasing exponentially as a result of the staff dismissals. I think the music coverage in particular will suffer greatly without Chris Lane there. What may be even worse is considering how many writers got their start at the Press before moving on to bigger and better things, and wondering what will replace the Press as an incubator for such future talents now. Oh, and as to your assessment of Jef Rouner:
  9. Developments on the Rice University Campus

    The Shepherd School has come a long way since the days when its practice rooms were consigned to the basement of Herman Brown Hall (the building that housed the Math and Math Sci departments), almost as an afterthought. Of course, that was back in the days when pretty much everything at Rice that wasn't related to engineering was an afterthought.
  10. Developments on the Rice University Campus

    Wow, I didn't realize they'd already broken ground - haven't been over to campus in some time. I think you're right, that looks like the location that was previously indicated for the new facility.
  11. Rappelling Down the Embassy Suites

    That begs for a photo caption contest: "First day of training for new IRS Civil Asset Forfeiture Enforcement paramilitary unit. Woo hoo! #MAGA"
  12. Museum of Fine Arts Houston Expansion

    I had to Google "DLT". Sounds like a mortise and tenon joint, but on a larger scale? I gather this is a fairly new technique, as the first North American DLT plant apparently just opened recently. North America’s First Dowel Laminated Timber Plant Underway
  13. Sadly, such events have yet to come to pass at Spire downtown, but maybe that's just an indication that God is agnostic when it comes to Christian Scientist houses of worship.
  14. I can't say I'm surprised, as the Press' owner, Voice Media Group, has likewise cut staffing to the bone at the flagship Village Voice and ditched the printed version. I'm sure many will dismiss this development as inevitable economic realities catching up with an insignificant alt-weekly, but it's symptomatic of a far more insidious trend of independent local journalism being choked off in favor of a smaller and smaller number of monolithic media empires. The Press had certainly seen better days, when it used to publish serious in-depth investigative pieces with a lot more regularity, but its de facto demise is still something to be deplored.