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  1. I was in Cluster C for second grade there as well (or "Unit C", as I remember the sign above the entrance stating). It was my first year at HV Elem, and to my second-grade eyes the classroom seemed vast. I think there were either three or four teachers assigned to the room, with each one rotating around to different sections depending on what activities were in process. Do you know if the cluster classrooms are still there in a recognizable form? I'd have to think they'd have been subdivided into smaller rooms long ago. I occasionally pass by the school while driving down 249, but I don't think I've been inside it since fifth grade.
  2. There are multiple reasons why the nickname "CultureCrap" is popular among denizens of many online fora.
  3. 37 years old, and preserved like a fly trapped in amber: 1979 Mercury Bobcat
  4. They have also discontinued the V6 engines for the Accord for 2018 in favor of turbo fours. Similarly, after many years of US enthusiasts slobbering over multiple generations of the Civic Type R that were never made available in the US domestic market, they finally decide to sell the new-generation Type R here, but in place of the hyper-tuned, high-revving naturally aspirated engine that was the model's hallmark, the new one has a turbo four (although at 300hp a lot of people probably won't miss the old NA engines too much). The fact that some of these changes were likely driven by the need to meet ever-tightening mileage and emissions standards don't make them any easier to swallow. I miss the days when Honda set benchmarks for engineering. Their current Formula 1 engine program is an unmitigated disaster, and the current product line just isn't that interesting or exciting.
  5. This argument of "modernism = bad" seems vaguely familiar. I'm almost certain I've seen it somewhere else before. Entartete Kunst
  6. The other Texas store on the latest list of stores to be closed is the one at the former Westwood Mall site. I had no idea that one was still open - I thought it had closed long ago.
  7. Heh. I just happened to run across a post on Facebook last night from the guy who lives in the house visible directly to the right of those shipping containers in the pic above. Suffice to say that he is not at all happy with the new stack o'metal that has arisen next door. The developer started a discussion on Reddit about this project that seems to have almost immediately turned into a serious dumpster fire.
  8. The network was shut down several months after the bankruptcy filing, but there were a handful of employees that were retained for some time afterward to assist with administrative tasks and asset sales associated with the bankruptcy proceedings. Not sure how long the Greenspoint facility was actually occupied, as there were at least a couple of other facilities (NOC and leased space at a data center) that Enron Broadband had in addition to offices at 1400 Smith.
  9. Sportstown went bankrupt, and the leases on most of their stores wound up being acquired by the Sports Authority and Oshman's: Despite having grown up in the area, most of my memories of The Commons are from when it was a telecom center. Enron Broadband's Houston POP was located there, and I had occasion to visit it a couple of times. It was a nice facility that had lots of room for future growth, none of which came to pass as a result of the well-known unpleasant events that occurred less than a year after the buildout was completed.
  10. Wow. I can't help but think that there would be a niche market to rent the Celestial Suites out to semi-obsessed Houston history buffs of a certain age, but the cost would likely be a stiff barrier to entry. The Tarzan Room reminds me of Elvis' Jungle Room at Graceland. Wonder if he ever stayed there when he performed at the Rodeo?
  11. Trunks keep poppingTops keep dropping down in Houston
  12. Fannin Street Tom Waits There's a crooked street in Houston townit's a well worn path I've followed downnow there's ruin in my name I wish I never got off the trainI wished I'd listened to the words you saiddon't go down to Fannin Streetdon't go down to Fannin Streetdon't go down to Fannin Streetoh yeahyou'll be lost and never foundyou can never turn arounddon't go down to Fannin Streetonce I held you in my arms I was suretill I took that silent step through the gilded doorbut the desire to have much more all the glitter and the roarnow I know that this is where the sidewalk endsdon't go down to Fannin Streetdon't go down to Fannin Streetdon't go down to Fannin Streetyou'll be lost and never foundyou can never turn arounddon't go down to Fannin Streetwhen I was young I thought only of getting outI said good-bye to my street good-bye to my housegive a man gin give a man cards give an inch he takes a yardand I rue the day that I stepped off this traindon't go down to Fannin Streetdon't go down to Fannin Streetdon't go down to Fannin Streetoh yeahyou'll be lost and never foundyou can never turn around
  13. What's considered a standard is often dependent on the ear of the behearer, but it's hard to argue with Dylan. I'm not sure about "surviv[ing] the centuries", but we're three days away from Dino's centennial:
  14. I overlooked it myself for several days, then did a double-take when I finally glanced at it and realized what they were talking about. A correction: the 31-minute to 4-hour rate for members is $6, not $8 - I misread the small type.
  15. Yes, the new underground garage is at 5101 Montrose. Museum members received a flyer in the mail about this earlier this week communicating that the current surface lot is closing after this weekend. After that, you will have to park in the new underground garage or the existing one on Fannin adjacent to the Beck Building. I have to admit that as much as I'm happy for the upcoming expansion of the museum, as a semi-regular filmgoer there I'm really not thrilled about having to pay $8-10 to park every time I want to see a film, in addition to tickets to the film (members receive a parking discount - for 31 minutes to 4 hours, the $8 and $10 rates apply to members and non-members, respectively). I take light rail there about half the time, but sometimes that's just not optimal. I'm willing to bet the folks that run the film program probably aren't too happy either - it would be nice if there was some way they could validate garage parking for filmgoers, but I doubt they'd be allowed to do that to the exclusion of other museum visitors.