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Aeros... Aeros not even a big league hockey team. Houston always get talked about, not bad, but badly. The air pollution, the traffic, bad this, and bad that. Houston never do nothing big. I say it's a death cruse. Poor Houston, but I'm a houstonain, and somewhat I love Houston. Everytime Houston do things they fail at it.

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Houston has done some amazing things over the past year. A month ago, an ESPN writer even called this the "Year of Houston" (of course, we could have cemented the title by going to the World Series). A writer from Dallas to the Houston Chronicle conceded that we were the top sports town in Texas. And although it's a heartbreak to get beat like this, think about how much this has done for the city, and how many light years more exciting this has been than the average Houston baseball season. We didn't make it, but we brought baseball in this town to a level that it's never been. And we can look forward to someday taking it even further.

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^ Well said Heights2Bastrop. Growing up in the Dallas area, I fell victim to Houston bashing. After graduating college I reluctantly took a job in Houston. I found that the majority of the insults that Houston was subjected to were unfounded. Houston is a great city no doubt that has much to be proud of. There are plenty of cultural facilities to enjoy, sports teams to root for, jobs to work, and bars/restaurants to indulge in.

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Yes. Houston is cruised. Back in the 80's, Westheimer was a favorite cruising strip with many people lining the streets, watching cars cruise on by. Memorial Park, during that same era, also was a favorite cruising location for the Hispanic community, where many nice girls would dress in skimpy decor on Sunday evenings, waiting for the cars' occupants cruising by to take notice.

I know I did. :mellow:

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AH-HAH! So Houston is better! Just Kidding. I was told the same thing about Houston being a dump, in all places, LOUISIANA!!! Imagine how I felt when I got here and realized I'd been lied to my whole life. I spent every moment off during my first 6 months living here driving around exploring this great city. Is funny, yet sad how I would ask life long residents about various parks, museums, buildings, neighborhoods, and shoping centers, yet they would have no clue what I was talking about. Their whole life in a great city, taken for granted...

I Love This Place,


Thats odd, because most people have relatives here, and most college students get jobs here in Houston... (in Louisiana)

Infact you probibly know alot of people who have roots in LA.

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This has been talked about for a while, but it's offically official.

Here's what we know for sure:

1.If an NHL franchise comes to Houston in the near future, Les Alexander will be the owner of that team

2. Gary Bettman, the NHL Commissioner, is currently opposed to an expansion in the league. Which means that for Alexander to be successful, we may have to break another city's heart to get that team.

3. Among the teams with the best chances of being moved to Houston include the Washington Capitals, Pittsburg Penguins, Carolina Hurricanes, Buffalo Sabres, and irronically, the NASHVILLE Predators (remember the Titans/Oilers?)

4. George Postolos (Rockets President) more than likely would be President of the new franchise, or at least have a part on the administration

For the Whole story, here it is...


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