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White Oak Bayou Developments


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I agree. To make it worse, the people using the trail in the median apparently believe that everyone should stop for them. Check out this quote on RUDH's Facebook page asking for support of the petition...

With all due respect to the deceased, she did not die due to poor intersection management. She died because she ran in front of a moving vehicle. There was not a problem with the lights. She was not paying attention, and ran in front of a vehicle against the red light for Heights traffic, including joggers. No amount of safety measures...short of a gate...will protect those who run into a street without looking.

True, the death could have been prevented but the design of the intersection is simply absurd.

This intersection is very poorly lit for one thing, and the design is absolutely absurd. I drove by their at night not long after the accident and strangely, this intersection is much darker than Harvard at 11th or yale at 11th, have no idea why, but I would expect it to be more lit if anything considering the level of pedestrian traffic.

Second. I have never seen anyone use the trail as intended where you run one block, cross heights blvd, then cross 11th st, then cross heights again, run another block, cross heights then, cross 10th then, cross back to heights again, repeat, repeat, ....

Considering the number of people using the trail, there should be adequate light and markings where people use it. Despite its ridiculous design.

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Safety is just like... your opinion man.

I find them adequately safe for me on my longboard (along with my fellow longboard friends that regularly use the trail). What would really make the trails safer would be if people would use proper walking/jogging/biking/skating etiquette. I crashed into the grass and almost hit my head on a curb because a family insisted on riding 3-4 abreast instead of in a line. There was just enough room for me to pass on the side when one of the kids went wide and i had to run into the grass (skateboards/longboards do not roll on the grass very well) and had to do a ninja roll/flip to avoid getting hurt.

Therefore, it is my opinion that the trail is safer for everyone that uses it if families are not allowed to ride it. The trail will NEVER be safe for all, there are risks involved in walking/jogging/biking/skating/breathing. Even with the new signals and etc., do you really think there will be fewer accidents? Really?

ugh!!! and take out the damned headphones!!! you can't hear me yelling at you to get the F out of the way because you are obliviously listening to music while running next to someone taking up the whole damn path. I am constantly forced to ride my skinny tire bike on the dirt to get around, if I fall as a result of this dangerous operation, I could very easily break my collar bone, or similar.

they should station cops on the path to enforce laws (which have yet to be made) about being distracted by listening to music, as these bike paths are not safe.

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I dont cross where I am supposed to at 11th and heights, but not because it isnt adequately marked, I just break the law because I dont feel likecrossing the road three times when I could just cross once. I also dont seem to have a problem crossing when the light is green and watching for cars turning into the median, though.

IMO the trail is much more dangerous at intersections without signals where a car sitting in the median is looking only towards oncoming traffic (ie only to their right) and not the other direction where a jogger might be crossing in front of them. Of course, I only worry about this when I'm in my car, because Im not stupid enough to jog in front of a car who's driver is not looking my direction, but it seems like Im the only one.

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Being a bit of a tank... if an adult is in my way i have no problem mowing them over and apologizing later, if i run into a child they are at serious risk of injury so I will do whatever it takes to avoid them. That being said, get out of my way, I don't have any effing brakes on my longboard!

And to the guy the other night wearing all black just sitting in the middle of a shadowy part of the trail listening to headphones (between nicholson and yale), my bad... even though you were being completely stupid, it is my fault for running in to you.

How about getting some lights along the trail? That would improve the safety much more than some signals. I ride the trails very late pretty often, and i've seen several people lurking near the trail in the shadows. Few times people stepped out and asked me for money or whatever.

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According to the Leader newspaper we may see no change or possibly an "improvement" in our flood risks.

I have been unable to locate these proposed map updates. Could someone point me in the right direction so that I can view the proposed maps?

Also, if you do live in the 100 year flood plain, are the rates based on the total property or improved value?

My neighbor down the street in the same zone indicated that his flood insurance was approx $1000 less than mine. (Based on a home with near identical hcad numbers) WTH?

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"Offical" FIRM maps here.  The HC Flood Control District mapping tool here.

The rate depend on how much you want to insure, and the elevation of your first level relative to the base flood elevation at location.  If you have a mortgage the lender will probably require you to insure at least the amount of the improvement, and often no less than the amount of the loan depending on the lender (in the 100yr zone).  Otherwise, it's up to you the dollar amount you want to insure.

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We paid for a surveyor to give us a flood elevation certificate. That cost $400, but saved us $800 the first year.


Keep in mind that the maps are wrong, especially South of 11th. Most of the areas shown there in the floodway aren't really in danger, but there was a modelling error when the maps were generated, and it wasn't caught until after the appeals porcess was closed. FEMA said "come back in 10 years and maybe we will fix it".

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Harris County awards $20.5 million contract for White Oak Bayou widening project

Construction will be underway this fall on a project to reduce flood damage along White Oak Bayou between Hollister Street and FM 1960. (Courtesy Harris County Flood Control District)


By Shawn Arrajj | 7:01 PM Sep 30, 2020 CDT | Updated 7:06 PM Sep 30, 2020 CDT

Construction will soon move forward on a major flood control project in Harris County to widen an 8-mile stretch of White Oak Bayou.

Harris County commissioners approved a $20.5 million contract for construction services with Burnside Services Inc. at a Sept. 29 meeting, with construction expected to begin sometime this fall. The project, part of an ongoing partnership between the county and the federal government to reduce flood damage along the bayou, involves widening the bayou between Hollister Street in Houston and FM 1960 north of Jersey Village.

The project will also extend the White Oak Bayou Hike and Bike Trail in Houston from Hollister Street south to the Ranchstone Stormwater Detention Basin. The trail will be closed while construction is ongoing.

Construction on the project is slated for completion by the end of 2021. Once completed it, an estimated 1,500 structures will be removed from the 100-year flood plain. In Jersey Village, city officials have previously estimated that the bayou widening—along with a second, separate project to expand the city golf course's capacity to hold storm water—will together remove 62 homes from the flood plain within city limits.

The project is being funded with roughly $29 million in funding approved for the Harris County Flood Control District in a 2018 bond referendum.
"More and more communities are seeing the real-world benefits from the investment Harris County voters made in our long-neglected drainage system," Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said in a statement. "As a result, our entire community is better positioned to weather future storms."

The partnership between the county and the federal government has been underway since 1998 and entails $124 million in improvements. Additional work to widen the bayou from west of Cole Creek to Hollister Street in Houston is under development and is expected to cost the county around $13.5 million.

The flood control district is expected to seek construction bids on that segment of the bayou this fall. The two widening projects together will make use of roughly $95 million in federal dollars.
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Obviously, this will be effectively block the path against everyone except highly athletic evil geniuses.
I mean, who would want to enter such a bustling construction site? All those open trenches, and heavy equipment and surveyors' stakes. 
It's a deathtrap, I tell you. A deathtrap.

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Not sure if this is somewhere else on the forum, but they are adding a significant amount of trails to the north end once this project is completed




https://www.hcfcd.org/Portals/62/Watershed/White-Oak/Pct1-CEM-2020-12-03 v8.pdf

The original timeline was Spring 2022, but idk how well they are doing sticking to that.

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  • The title was changed to The Tree Growing In The Middle Of White Oak Bayou Has Been Decorated
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  • 6 months later...


Project Status Update – 3/27/2023

Regarding E100-00-00-E005 (FM1960 to Hollister), construction is underway! The notice to proceed and mobilization took place in mid-December and construction began in early January 2023. The construction contract for this segment allows for 420 calendar days. Trails within the project limits will remain closed for the duration of construction for safety of the public and construction personnel.

Regarding E100-00-00-E006 (Hollister to Cole Creek), the Harris County Flood Control District will advertise this segment for bids on March 31, 2023, under the new project ID E100-00-00-E007, which could allow for construction to begin in summer 2023. Trails within the project limits will remain closed until the construction of this segment is complete for safety of the public and construction personnel. In the interim, the Flood Control District will continue to manage maintenance concerns along project segment E100-00-00-E007, including mowing and illegal disposal issues.

The Flood Control District appreciates your understanding and patience as we continue to work to complete this important project.

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  • The title was changed to White Oak Bayou Widening
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Not in the Heights, but it is tied to the overall project...



"Everyone in my neighborhood and all the cyclists that I've talked to are excited knowing the project is going to be moving forward," said Delaney, a frequent trail user and the president of the Antoine Forest Estates Homeowners Association. "We'll be happy once it's done."

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The bayou trail is closed with barricades north of Pinemont, I assume due to the construction picking back up. They'd started tearing up the banks of the bayou over the last month or two, does that mean it's getting the same concrete treatment as the rest of the channelized sections?

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