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  1. I feel like there was an opportunity here missed to make this look even uglier...really could have gone for it...
  2. I always find it interesting that pretty much the oldest noticeable thing that are still around are the electrical right of ways that meet and cross where the substation is now at Cindy and Foxwood
  3. The City\Texans probably also have active bids to host a Super Bowl in 2026 and 2027 at this point as well.
  4. Later sections of the neighborhood, west of TC Jester and north of 11th St have a 1.5 story limit in the deed restrictions which the sections south of 11th and east of TC Jester do not have, so in addition to the number of flooded properties in those locations, you have more teardowns because its economically feasible to tear down and build a huge new house there, but in the rest of the neighborhood, renovation and additions have been more feasible since you can't build a huge multistory home to replace it unless you sneak it in.
  5. https://west11thstreetpark.org/history This has the Cliff's Notes version regarding most of the main portion of the neighborhood in the first couple paragraphs. The western areas were kind of the agricultural land around the northern fringes of a small rural community called Eureka Mills.
  6. Agreed. That's why we need to mostly hide the "safety improvement" errr "bike lane plans" from them lest they come out against them. For their own good.
  7. Government doesn't want people who might be against their plans to actually be aware of them. I'm sure they made plenty of "stakeholders" that they could confidently expect support from aware of them in various ways, but you can be sure that they never actually wanted "everyone" to know. 11th Street for example was a done deal before the vast majority of people who live on and use it every day knew about it. Hell, the "plan" that was in place when the hornets nest actually got stirred up was so bad (ie no left turns, no access to cross 11th, etc) that it almost seemed like it was specifically intended to be replaced with one that wasnt so bad once everyone found out as a compromise. Its like the joke at the beginning of Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The plans to demolish Arthur Dent's house were definitely on display...in the cellar...but the lights had gone....and the stairs...and they were in a locked filing cabinet in a disused lavatory with a sign saying "Beware of the Leopard"
  8. I don't/didn't know about Shepherd Park Plaza potentially being a golf course at any point (mentioned a long time ago on this thread), but I'm pretty sure there was a country club with an 18 hole golf course in Garden Oaks. Garden Oaks is essentially a copy of River Oaks and similar to the way River Oaks Blvd is a short blvd running between the country club and a school, Garden Oaks Blvd was the same way. Today Garden Oaks Blvd east of Shepherd curves around northward to Crosstimbers through a business/industrial park, but previously it ended at a large clubhouse structure just beyond Shepherd with an 18 hole golf course behind it covering all of what eventually became the business park. The course can be seen on the 1950s Google Earth imagery.
  9. I like how 11th street fronting properties now apparently have to block the new bike lanes with their trash cans on trash day because the trucks dont reach that far.
  10. No. 18th Street only crosses west TC Jester. The street you have to be on in the Heights to cross the bayou/ and TC Jesters without turning is 20th. if youre on 18th street in the Heights driving west you have to turn left off of 18th St and onto 20th street to cross the bayou. Then at E TC Jester it changes back to 18th St. So..is 11th street predictably a cluster**** during rush hours yet?
  11. This place is currently late 90's faux whatever with red brick right? It's probably gonna look better after its bleaching. It's not exactly the Webber House/Moody Mansion/whatever. Once the brick is painted then I guess future generations won't have to worry about that at least, and future colors could be anything.
  12. I dont think this has anything to do with the Heights. Painting houses white (esp with dark trim) is a popular trend and likely has nothing to do with White Linen Nights. I advised my parents to do it in Timbergrove with no idea it was popular or trendy back in 2018 and over the past four years since, every time I've noticed a house change color its like a 90% chance this is what they did too. I notice it all over. Garden Oaks, Timbergrove/Lazybrook, Oak Forest. Brick houses, siding, remodels, brand new houses.
  13. Learn something new every day. Who knew that The Leader was apparently radicalizing any bugs that got trapped in my recycle bin?
  14. I dunno who all went and showed up to the meetings in the past 7 or 8 months or all of the meetings before that or whatever, I'm not really invested in the thing. I just used to live on Nicholson, and know many people who live just off of 11th and go to some of the businesses there. The people I know who mentioned this to me were just people talking about it in conversation, I know a couple people who said they went to like a meeting at Berryhill in February because they felt blindsided about what the city was actually doing, I got the impression mostly that people (the ones who I've had conversations about this with) were fine about the idea of striping some bike lanes and especially in doing something about the Nicholson crossing, but couldn't believe it when they found out the extent of the changes would be made to the traffic pattern. I get the impression that the people invested in this and the city pretty much spent 5 years talking with only the neighborhood associations and so they feel like they did everything they needed to get input from residents, but the reality is that talking to the Greater Heights Association is not the same as being transparent with all of the people who live there. Its more akin to the "but the plans were on display, why didn't you speak up!" conversation from the beginning of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Maybe that's an indictment more on the neighborhood groups and how they operate than it is of the City of Houston. I don't know
  15. I'm sure I have biases like anyone does. I doubt that they are what you see through your own cloud of them.
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