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Personality Traits of HAIFers


Personality Types  

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The above website links to a personality test frequently used by management and human resources consultants to identify the temperments of individuals. You can register to take the official test if you're so inclined, but the results should be the same, and the first link won't make you give away personal information. The test has also been extensively applied in academic research by psychologists, historians, and others in business and liberal arts fields.

The purpose of this thread is to identify personality type trends among HAIFers. I've already got an intuitive idea as to the most likely outcomes, but I'll hold off on blurting them out until I've got a large enough sample to draw meaningful conclusions...or until the thread dies, whichever comes first.



1) To prevent bias, don't research the issue beforehand. Wikipedia and other sources have plenty of information, but it'll be more useful to you after you've taken the test and gotten your results.

2) Recognize that there are no right or wrong answers. Everyone has a place in the world.

3) Enter your results in the poll. Post them if you feel like it, but the poll is anonymous.

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Danax has activated the poll, but we're going to try to change the format to either have all 16 options listed sequentially or to ask four different questions, each with four possible responses. Either way will suffice, but it may require that people resubmit their answers to the poll.

If worst comes to worst, this'll yield at least some morsel of information. The four sets do have some meaning by themselves, although it isn't as precise as I'd prefer.

Thanks for your patience, fellow HAIFers. :)


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INTJ, but I voted accidently voted ENTJ, so maybe I don't deserve my rating?

Now I'm off to read up as to what INTJ means.

I corrected your vote.

Mine came up INTJ as well. 3 of us so far. What's up with that?

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89 50 25 22

edit: good lord. i also voted wrong...

perhaps DSLXC would have been better for me. :(

Fixed it. Those letterings are close enough to make one dizzy. :wacko:

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Fixed it. Those letterings are close enough to make one dizzy. :wacko:

thank you danax!

also on that website under the presidents tab: "The other temperament, the Idealist, has provided one of the great surprises in this study of character: we find that there has never been an Idealist President in all the two hundred year history of The United States of America. We will comment later on this curious void in American politics..."

neat stuff.

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Preliminary results:

So far, we've got some pretty dominant traits on the forum, it seems. The INTJs are very well represented on the forum, considering that they only comprise between two and three percent of the general population.


67% of HAIF

47% of General Population


83% of HAIF

44% of General Population


67% of HAIF

41% of General Population


92% of HAIF

67% of General Population

I still want more feedback before I draw conclusions. It'd be nice to get a sample about twice as large as we have now.

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ENTJ - that makes me retarded

Bill Gates is a 'tard ? Napoleon, a 'tard ? TJones a 'tard ? Umm, don't answer the last one, but you are in the same category as the other two, as am I. Trust me, you are in excellent company. NOW, Quit your bitchin' you friggin' 'tard ! :P:lol:

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ISFP - the only one!

Finally we get an SP combination! It was really odd not having at least one. I think I've got enough to go on, now. The only thing I don't have is a couple hours to read back through some stuff and play with the numbers. So I'll probably write something up in a couple days.

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ISFP - the only one!

What does the P stand for?

And hey Niche, since you've been here forever and since some people revealed their results, are you surprised by anyone who you're relativly familiar with? Or is that coming with the report?

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