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North Canal Project


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14 hours ago, Big E said:

Might as well ask if we are moving the prisons and courthouses too.

I mean.... the metro building will be demolished, so all that will stay is the parking. Didn't think it would be weird for them to move since it will basically just be a parking lot at that point.

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It's just a bit naive to think the Harris, Houston and Federal Governments would move hundreds hundreds of jail beds, a recently open Joint Processing facility and other infrastructure,  away from the courts complex across the bayou. Not even worth thinking about. 


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"At a June 28 meeting, the Houston City Council approved an ordinance to add funding to ongoing flood-control efforts. Council members voted to approve the city entering into a second contract with HDR Engineering Inc., a nationwide engineering firm that works toward construction and environmental goals.

"The council agreed to allocate $7.5 million in funds out of the city's dedicated drainage and street renewal capital fund to be awarded to HDR Engineering. With the $7.5 million allocation, the city will also increase the overall contract amount from $2.6 million to $12.1 million, allowing for more services to be provided."

"This funding will allow for the design of the project to be refined, get public engagement and secure the final construction plan. The North Canal project is expected to be complete in early 2029."



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