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Cool Sights In The Big City

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Rather than make a new topic that would only have a few posts, I decided to make this a catchall topic for unusual sights to be found in Houston or the surrounding area. It can be environmental, architectural, historical or sociological. A site to send friends looking to entertain visitors OTHER than the usual shopping area or subdivision. There are no other rules than to be off-beat or otherwise interesting.

The first entry, in today's Chronicle, is the Waugh Bridge bats. 250,000 of them live under the bridge, similar to Austin's Congress Ave.

"Houston's bat population may be smaller (than Austin's 1.5 million), but there is a unique aspect to this colony. The Bayou City bats live here year-round.

"As far as I know, it's the only bridge in Texas that has such a large colony of Mexican freetail bats (that stay) all year-round," Foss told the group. "All the others migrate south to Mexico in winter. We don't know the dynamics of this population yet. Some may migrate while others spill in behind them. Others may just stay put."


Cool, huh?

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Cool topic idea. One of my favorite not-so-well-known places is the Byzantine Fresco Chapel at the University of Saint Thomas.


For those who are afraid of bats and bridge underpasses. :P

And, thanks, sevfiv. I was thinking of exactly that photo when I created the topic, but could not remember where it was. ;)

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and the yearly parade :D

things seem better too, since pennzoil dropped it

There was an unannounced(?) art car parade down my street on Sunday afternoon. The timing couldn't have been better. I was raking the dead grass from my lawn after another total die back for re-seeding. I wasn't all to happy about that. Seeing the parade really improved my mood. To anyone from this forum that may be involved w/the Art Car Museum. Thanks guys! :)

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20th, you don't have dead grass, you have chinch bugs!

OK off topic a bit here. This late in the year? I thought chinch bugs came in the heat of the summer when the grass is stressed with the heat? What's a good control? Organic if possible. I've got a couple of dogs.

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