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RYDE Houston Cycling Studio At 402 W. 11th St.


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  • The title was changed to 402 W. 11th St.
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1 hour ago, emmanume said:

Spoke too quickly  looks like Ryde is going in there


Project Details

Project No:
Date :
2022/06/28 00:00:00
Owner/Occupant :
Job Address :
402 W 11TH ST 77008

Yes. There was a press release about indoor cycling studio Ryde coming to 402 W 11th St in 2019.

Also reported by Houston Chronicle in 2019:

"Ryde, an indoor cycling gym, has leased 2,779 square feet at 402 W. 11th St. in the Heights. The space will be redeveloped by the landlord, 2B Investments LLC. Ryan Neyland of Davis Commercial represented the landlord."


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So, within about a mile of each other, there will be Ride Indoor Cycling and Ryde Indoor Cycling.  I am not an expert on trademark law and do not know anything about whether these businesses have taken steps to assert their intellectual property rights to their business names, but it would be pretty crazy if both businesses just decided to just go with the flow and not bother with it.  Hypothetically, if this trend continued, you could have someone open up another indoor cycling studio called Rīd Indoor Cycling and then Ryed Indoor Cycling (which could also sell rye bread) and Righed Indoor Cycling.  

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  • The title was changed to RYDE Houston Cycling Studio At 402 W. 11th St.

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