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Proposed Multifamily High-Rise At 1769 Franklin St.


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I too am excited to see this potentially moving forward.  It will be terrific for the area and will draw other uses to also come to the area.  However, i feel that, given its location,  it will be more difficult to lease up than other residential areas of downtown. The owners, if they build it, will need to “get real” on lease pricing.

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This is good news. Hopefully they will move faster than the block 98 highrise: 2015 soil samples, 2018 lines on the asphalt, then nothing.


The positive aspect of this location, in addition to nearness to MMP, is the easy access to the Hardy Toll Road extension. This extension, I believe, will spur development in that region. Any business will have rapid access to IAH once the extension is in place.


I think the extension will also benefit the developers of this project.

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I don't think they will have much of a problem with this site due to the close proximity to Minute Maid, and all of the new apartments across the street.

Another thing to take into consideration is all of the smaller two and three story buildings in the area which will slowly become retail and service oriented space.

 From Franklin north there is quite a large stock of curious smaller buildings. 

When we lived in The Wagon Works complex, at Franklin and Crawford,  I would ride my bike or walk to work at Cabo's.It took about ten minute on foot. About five minutes late at night by bike.

Like I've said many times in the past, every time they add a new tower to the perimeter of downtown it enlarges the footprint and makes the city seem much larger.

Wait till the Caydon towers start rising in Midtown and well have a whole new perimeter. 


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  • The title was changed to Block 114: 24-Story Proposal In Downtown
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  • The title was changed to Block 114
  • The title was changed to Proposed Multifamily High-Rise At 1769 Franklin St.

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