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Guilty Pleasures: Movies/Music


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Haven't visited my brother in Santa Cruz in a while but he used to invite me for a weekend of music. We would catch Lovefest and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass in San Francisco on the same weekend, it was a lot of fun.  We went to Amoeba Records and bought lots of music. One artist he turned me on to was Lee Scratch Perry


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According to ResidentMich on YouTube...

"I used to DJ in a club at the end of the 80's and 90's and the amount of mixed reactions was immense. No other tune had more people wanting to know what it was, although it did quite clear the dance floor apart from total bohemians. Great stuff!!!!!"




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David Hoffman, a NYC documentary film maker has a number of awesome videos he filmed in 16mm in the 1960's while traveling around Appalachia with Bascom Lunsford, a North Carolina lawyer who spent a lot of time documenting what is now called "old time" music. Here's one of the videos 


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This single is dedicated to the women of Iran. May you never forget your rich and incredible history, which echoes the names of countless female warriors, healers, scientists, artists, scholars, architects, politicians, innovators, pioneers, athletes, rulers, and revolutionaries. Apranik is just one of those names. Yet its mere mention, even through the most delicate of whispers :ph34r:


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On 2/18/2023 at 7:53 PM, hindesky said:

I've seen Junior Brown at many venues in Houston and at the Continental Club in Austin, always a fun concert.


That's a great song, along with My Wife Thinks You're Dead.

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Built To Spill was at one time my favorite band. I saw them at the old Engine Room and flew up to Providence, Rhode Island to see them. I had vacation to burn and was going to see them on tour in New York City but when I looked up the prices for hotels I decided to see them in Providence instead. Southwest Airlines had just started flying there non stop and had a sale on tickets plus hotels were a lot cheaper. Beautiful city in the downtown area.


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I think I might have been at this show when this was recorded. The Hickoids at the White Horse in Austin on S. Congress St. They still come here to Houston and I've seen them at Fitzgeralds, the Continental Club and at the Axiom, when they played here.


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YouTube recommended me a video. I checked it out to find some weird metal music.  It's so weird that it's cool? :ph34r:

The music's themes are Mysticism, Mythology, and History.

Arrayan Path is from Boston, Massachusetts and was formed in 1999 with the demo tape.



I am the heart of a Queen who died in vain
I've been through Hell,
No words can tell an unbearable pain
My tribulations are so great
My life disturbed
Betrayed by Kings and men
Who never saw my worth

But then an angel
Came to whisper in my ear
For the illusion of a paintless society
But with a broken heart
I sail to the unknown

I failed to see
When the fire flame dies in your eyes
What a life, a rigorous testament
All I want is the fear in the raven's eyes
And the pain of a lifeless forever

I've been through Hell,
I've been through evil-minded wars
I handle the pain
Because the King won't hear my thoughts

Kimbolton Castle is to be my early grave
I felt all the loss
Like I died a cross and unbearable rain
Like when you fail
To find the path to ease your pain
Sometimes you need to find
The strength just to sail away
Will remember my name
(Katherine of Aragon)

Behold the King,
The Eighteenth Dynasty
Has come to an end
A solid reign
And no-one to explain
How they went so far
For 38 years of zero rain
In a land of sun
He brought the rain
To those who remained
Forever by his side

Amenophis made us feel no pain
Formed a world
As we know it today
Still we're hoping for a better day
Still' our lives
Won't need to fade away
He our life's intellectual reign
He the taker of all that is pain

He brought prosperity
He killed our vanity, avoided war

Commissioned the temple
The beautiful temple of Luxor
Diplomacy and economic growth
The Egypt of our dreams
400 tablets all made of clay
Will reveal what he said

Words I fear, idols of humanity
Words I fear, fear no Christianity

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