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Guilty Pleasures: Movies/Music


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continuation of the askreddit thread

Someone mentioned A Flock of Seagulls - Space Age Love Song

Someone else commented this.....

"Here is the hill i will die on. The Edge got his signature guitar sound from this band. Listen to U2 albums pre flock of singles release. Good stuff but not what he does now. Flock of Seagulls release the album Telecommunication” and specifically this song with its heavy reverb effect. Then listen to the next U2 album. The edges signature heavy reverb guitar. Listen to the guitar on space age love song. You can totally hear The Edge playing it. Flock Of Seagulls is 100% where The Edge got his signature guitar sound. I will fight anyone to the death over this point."

If you know U2 and I do, they were one of my favorite bands in the '90's he kind of makes sense. Listen.



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the Furs have been known to rehearse at Francisco's Studios in EaDo.
We had them for two nights once. We did the first night of their tour one day, then had them for a private party the next day. 

Do i miss those days? No. Thanks for getting me fired, dave chappelle... .

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Guilty pleasures that play in my pickup that most of my passengers question - 

Arco & Into the Ether - Pull Me Closer 

Sons Of Maria - Leave You Alone 

Ballpoint - Wantchya

ELFL - Mega Woman IV

Tigerblood Jewel - Virginia Highway

Ikoliks - Driving Zone 

Safe to say that I don't listen to the Top 40 station.

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