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Holder's Pest Control Co. At 5617 Southwest Fwy.


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I don't remember seeing any mention of this several weeks ago when it was the main feature in the Business section, and I meant to post about it then.

Bubba, the gigantic neon cockroach that was the unofficial mascot of Holder's Pest Control and a southwest Houston landmark for many years, was cut up and sold off for scrap in January after having been in storage since 2004:


I'm sure there would have been many willing buyers if they had announced their intention to do this beforehand, but I guess that wouldn't have dovetailed as nicely with the prominently-featured rebranding story they got out of it which might as well have been an unpaid advertisement. And so another bit of local color is lost.

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In the late 1980s is when I last noticed that sign; sad to see it gone.

They were fools to cut it up. It could have been sold to a private collector if they did not want that roach to be associated with the company any longer.

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  • The title was changed to Bubba The Neon Roach Scrapped
  • The title was changed to Holder's Pest Control Co. At 5617 Southwest Fwy.

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