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The Things You Like Most About H-town

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The weather in February.

Driving on the beach in Galveston (OK, not technically Houston).

Gas station birds.

Lizards that stick to my windows.

The long long growing season.

Driving through the small towns to the southwest and northeast.

Driving Beltway 8 at 3am.

Eleanor Tinsley Park

Reading the New York Times on a Sunday morning underneath the abandoned rail tressle over White Oak Bayou near UH/D

Central Market (again, not technically Houston).

River Oaks


Smith Street


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My top three....

3) Cruising on Westiemer and Richmond between 9pm and 6 am with temperatures in the 70's, chillin' outside in a place you've never been to before with a skyline in the background that 4 million people love with you.

2) Being the only city in the world with TWO retractable roof stadiums, and teams we never give up on no matter how hard they may fall when they do.

1) The heart of Houston, and watching the citizens rise up for those who need help the most.

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quote, Midtown Coog

The opportunites it presents.

It's hard to be down in H-town.

After all the rail systems are reduced to rubble, the stadiums are mothballed, the P. Diddy weekends are a distant memory (which will actually occur around Wednesday, I believe) and all the things we try to do to make our city more appealing to outsiders, more competitive with Dallas, or whatever, are forgotten, this will be our legacy.

Nowhere on earth is it so easy to attain a comfortable urban lifestyle with the advantages of culture, entertainment, refinement and accumulation of real wealth than here in Houston. It is easily our most compelling selling point and the reason why I love it here.

If you're willing to work, Houston will provide a nice life for you. If you want a nice home, you will be able to afford it. Want to meet amazing people? Want an unmatched education? Want exposure to an array of cultures that rivals New York or London?

There is no place like Houston.

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I love how just naming a street here can instantly make your mouth water for a different culture's cuisine.

I love how ethnically diverse Houston is.

I love how country Houston can be.

I love how urban Houston really is.

I love that we're not the biggest - but everyone knows that we're big enough.

I love how people from both major cities and one-intersection farming towns get intimidated when you tell them that you're from Houston.

I love driving through an abandoned downtown early on Sunday mornings.

I love the complexity of all Houston's neighborhoods, from River Oaks to Acres Homes.

I love that Houston has not just one of everything, but one of everything in EVERY neighborhood.

I love our pathetic rivalary with our little sister to the north.

But most of all, I love looking at our magnificant skyline from the freeway, both late at night, and early on Sunday mornings.

I love this town.

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What I love...

The people. Pretty much all of them. Some of the friendliest of anywhere I've lived.

The diversity. Not because some political science professor says it's good, but because I genuinely love meeting and learning from people who don't look like me.

Less than an hour from the beach...and knowing that from that beach, I could travel anywhere in the world.

The near endless supply of engineering marvels, be they stadiums with roofs, stadiums with roofs that open, 75 story buildings, suspension bridges, you name it.

and the number one thing I love about Houston...

having a beer at that icehouse in Morgan's Point on the ship channel and watching the freighters glide by.

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When I first came here in 95 There were two things I noticed immediately, How friendly the people were and the silent energy.

This city is bar none the friendliest big city in this country, I love the people. It's funny when friends from out of state come here, it's almost always the first thing they notice.

The energy of Houston is a strange thing, it's hard to pin down. I've always said, and pardon me if this is to Texan, but this city has this maverick feel to me. It seems so limitless, like it's in it's own world.

I have fallen in love with this city and have no plans of leaving unless I can one day afford a summer place in LA. Alot of cities claim there name to fame but Houston really is a special city.

A few other things I love about H-Town:

Transco (Wiliams) Tower


Main Street

Skyline District

Memorial Drive

Westheimer (from Sage past Montrose)

The Village, The Village, The Village, for that matter anything in or around Rice. Great, extremely lush area.

Memorial Park

Herman Park

Med Center

The drive on 610 going south from I-10.

Pierce elevated going to 45. I have always loved the power that DT Houston exhibits when your right in it's face.

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-Allen Parkway & Memorial Drive

-Herman Park

-Riverside Terrace


-Main Street on a weekend night

-2,050,000 of the friendliest people ever

-Eight months of great weather

-Ridiculous cost of living

-40 Miles south of some of Texas' most beautiful rolling green hills

-25 miles north of some quaint and satisfying coast line

-The Heights

-The Sports Facilities

-The Museum District

-The Theater District

-The constantly changing landscape

-The non-conformist mentality of its citizenry

-The fact that it can pull off being one of the nation's primary industrial centers and yet still look like the white collar capitol of 21st century America.

-Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming!!!

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The freeways are great drives when there is no traffic (a rare pleasure)

Memorial Drive

Light Rail


The Beacon on the Transco Tower on those dark nights

Driving towards DT on I-45

The wonderful stadia

All of the majestic oak trees, and other foliage

The blooming Crepe Myrtles in June and july

Rice Village

Katz's never kloses!

Main Street

Hermann Park

The museums

Sugar Land!

Galveston nearby

Buffalo bayou

The snow we had last year

Memorial Park

All of the restaurants


Post Oak

Of course, there is more, but...


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I like that it is so flat. There is almost no better place if you are a cyclist. I realize that many people like hills and might not agree with this one.

I like the heat and humidity. What can I say? Summer is great, but I realize that many people might not agree with this one either.

I love the diversity. Maybe it

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I like how car-friendly Houston is compared to lots of other big cities, like the ones up nawth that grew big before cars existed. Parking is often both plentiful and free, and even the expensive parking beats, say, New York.


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I like:

Coming home from a trip to see the skyline welcoming me home,

The incredibly friendly people that are surprisingly open minded,

Driving down Allen Parkway or Dallas street towards downtown,

Wearing shorts in December,

The incredible arts/theater scene,

The very close knit yet diverse gay community that seems to come together when necessary,

Having the biggest Pride Celebration in the Southwest (200,000 people.... that's the city of Beaumont on the corner of Westheimer and Montrose),

Having an incredibly low cost of living while having tremendous job opportunities,

The awesome green canopy that covers Main Street near Rice U,

The modern skyline which impresses all who visit,

The fact that there are so many restaurants that I now go a certain restaurant for a certain dish,

Living inside the loop where the energy is more bohemian,

Living in midtown and watching the metamorphosis take place,

living in large city that feels small.

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The University of Houston, which provided me with the opportunity to be who I am today

The drive down old historic US 90A (Old Spanish Trail and Wayside Dr) through south and east Houston

The 2nd Ward

The 3rd Ward

The old 4th Ward before the majestic oaks were knocked down and the townhomes went up


Buffalo Bayou

Galveston Bay/San Leon/Seabrook/Clear Lake

Armand Bayou

Scooters Ice House in Pearland

The Big Top Lounge

The Lone Star Saloon

Warren's juke box

The Brewery Tap

The Axiom/Catal Huyuk/Harvey's Club DeLuxe/The Axiom

The Maggot Colony

The Main Street light rail


Lightnin Hopkins/Albert Collins/Clifton Chenier

Dowling Street


The Astrodome and the Astros Rainbow Jerseys


The Montrose

Rice University (and Valhalla...and Night of Decadence!)

2,000,000 great people (surrounded by 2,000,000 questionable ones... :P j/k)

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The Williams Tower

Down town skyline

Uptown skyline

The skyline view from the ship channel

The Galleria

China Town

The light rail cars( even though the lines go for 8 miles, our cars look the best).

Our diversity


All of the stadiums



Houston livestock show and rodeo

International festival

Yao and Mcgrady

New Lakewood church


River Oaks

Herman Park

Roger Clemens

The enormous amount of restaurants

The Woodlands,sugarland,katy,kingwood,humble,pearland,baytown,pasadena,kemah, clearlake,and on and on and on. :D

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But most of all, I love looking at our magnificant skyline from the freeway, both late at night, and early on Sunday mornings.

-book stores, especially the Half Price in the Rice Village and the Bookstop on Shepherd and Alabama

-Chemical Sunsets

-I love the fact that Houston seems to give rise to oddballs like Wes Anderson... Marvin Zindler... the Orange Show guy (Jeff McKissack?)

so many good things!

-i especially love those drives into downtown at sunset/sunrise from ANY direction...

-gotta love half price (ex-worker too...good place to work for)

-chemical sunsets - pretty colors! lol

-jeff mckissack - my hero (i used to work at the orange show too)

and for some more:

-the beer can house and other architectural oddities (thank you, orange show)

-the art car parade (again, oshow)

-antique stores in the heights


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Lets see...I love Houston because:

- EZ-7 (skate place over by White Oak bayou)

- being able to ride my bike down the bayou from Candlelight to the Heights

- River Oaks

- Montrose and Westheimer

- walking down West Gray to work and seeing Downtown looming in the distance

- crazy folks to talk to at the bus stop

- Numbers nightclub

- the sweaty crazy energy at Fitz when a punk band plays

- the fact that we have 2 Starbucks right across the street from one another

- u-buy we-frys over in 3rd Ward

- art car parade

- Pride parade

- the old Westheimer Street Fest

- the record stores (Cactus, Black Dog,etc. R.I.P Rockpile *sniff*)

- going from the Inner Loop to Spring Branch and seeing the styles change like 5 different times

- Mecom Fountian

- Glenwood and Washington cemetaries

- leaving a bar downtown, taking either 45 or 10 home and looking back and seeing Downtown go byebye

Sigh...I love Houston

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The people are the greatest. Often while out here people wonder why I'm not always an ass like most other people. I then point out a number of other easy going, friendly, optimistic,cool soldiers and say "We're Houstonians...guess that's the way we are B) "

The parks(Eleanor Tinsley Park, Studewood park)

The Galleria area



Museum District


All Houston teams regardless if they win or not

The weather

Diverse neighborhoods best described as a lot a small towns in a huge city

Sklylines. Downtown, Uptownn, Greenway, TMC, and all the scattered Buildings in between.

Light rail

And everything else eveyone else has mentioned

........But most of all, the thing I miss most is my car. My car, the freedom to jump in it when ever I feel like it, listen to my music, turning on the AC and experiencing all the people and places mentioned

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i like nothing more than coming home from anywhere and seeing a sign that reads :houston city limits". once i see that no matter how bad the drive, the trip, or whatevere im home. it is my birthplace and i will be buried here.

i am proud of houston. its big, its gawdy, its loud. hell its in texas. but thats a whole other topic.

example. i went to uti. almost 85% of the students are out of town or out of state. for 14 months all i heard was " its hot, its crowded, humidity....." blah blah blah. and every night when i went to bed i was never so glad to be home.

i worked in austin for awhile. i have freinds in san antonio. sixth street in austin is cool. even the riverwalk is nice in san antonio. but the freeways suck, bad town layouts, and just general discomfort to me. i can go anywhere in hosuton and know what to expect.

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I'm going to say the weather. The summers, of course, can be unbearable, but if I had a choice of having to endure exreme heat or exreme cold, I'd pick the heat. I find nothing appealing about a cold, snowy white winter. They look so dreary. I hate wearing jackets and coats. I avoid having to wear them as much as I possibly can. And I'm thankful that we don't have to wear scarves around here. I had one a couple of years ago when they were a big fashion trend and I couldn't stand it. I never wore it. I hate things around my neck. Houston winters are pretty ideal. Mid '60s-'70s. A long sleeve, lightweight shirt at the most. Oh yes, that's perfect.

And MARVIN ZINDLER! EYEWITNESS NEWS! Not really, I just love screaming that. I'm teaching it to my 3-year-old neice.

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