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  1. I know it floods east of there - White Oak Bayou around south Inwood (Antoine & Tidwell). That's pretty far from you however.
  2. Not nessessarily. The people that go to a theater are what makes it ghetto - not the name of the theater itself.
  3. This is great for us on the west side that have had to choose between ghetto tinsel-town Westchase, and the overly busy AMC 30 on Dunvale. I wonder where at on the property they're going to build it?
  4. In Vietnam, each neighborhood alley has a name, in a big blue sign over the alleyway entrance.
  5. ..looks better. Any updates on whether it will be residential, commercial, or still mixed use?
  6. Okay... lets get this straight: Couture is not a type of store - its a type of style. Couture is 90% going to be Boutique. Here in Houston however, we have most of our Couture Boutique stores in the Galleria. I guess it really is too hot in Houston. Designer is also not a type of store, but rather a type of style. Designer is found in upscale stores. So.. Boutique = Couture Upscale = Designer
  7. Considering that you can't find these stores anywhere else except Baybrook, Willowbrook, First Colony, or the Galleria here in Houston - I would consider them upper-end stores. There is a difference between upper-end & boutique.
  8. Z Gallerie, White House - Black Market, Brookstone, MAC, Coach, Sharper Image, Limited, Guess, & even A&F, just to name a few.
  9. You need to check out the west wing of Memorial City Mall. The only place you'll find more designer names is the Galleria. If that's not upper end, then please educate me. Also, if it weren't for Bailey Banks & Biddle, Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, Neiman Marcus, Town & Country would be a typical strip mall with its other stores like Linens-N-things, Barns-n-Nobles, GAP, Einstien's Bagels, Baby GAP, and Starbucks.
  10. What looks out of place is a Target at an "upper-end" shopping mall. I would expect this at West Oaks or Sharpstown or Almeda, but not Memorial City.
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