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Uhhhh...no...I'm well aware of the fact that HIDs can be used in parabolic/free form (reflector) setups. Problem is, the reflectant surface is designed for the light to come from a specific location. When you pair an HID capsule with a reflector designed for a halogen filament, the beam pattern is all screwed up because the light source has gone from a bar shape to a sphere shape, and has probably moved closer to or further away from the reflective surface. Retrofitting projector beams designed for HID capsules into parabolic/free form setups corrects the geometry issue, since the lens and reflectors were built with an HID capsule in mind.

but rather strangers I don't even know complimenting me on how they look & asking me where I got them

Strangers, who clearly don't know what a proper beam pattern looks like....

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urbandictionary is the last place I would go for an accurate description of anything "urban". However, since you're there.. Look up the word "skeet" from the Little Jon rap song called "Get Low" thats always on the radio.

jm1fd.. So if Matt changed his bulbs, would he be cool then? I mean, coming from the streets of Nacogdoches and all, you have to be a street racing authority..

Matt.. you're ride's okay. I'm sure you already knew that though. People, here's proof he's not driving a ricer:

1. no retarded body kit that looks like a training diaper.

2. no wing that looks like something from a WW1 crop duster.

3. no obnoxious stickers on your doors.

4. no gay ass fire extinguisher mounted on the A post.

5. no part of the car painted only in primer.

6. no cheap ass altezza tail lights.

7. no stupid, fuzzy, shamelessly advertised seatbelt should pad.

8. no silly ass 5 point seat belt.

9. no neons.

10 no triple gauge cluster on the A post that measures how stupid your car looks.

I could be wrong, but the last time I checked - that crap on your car, makes it a ricer. Add after-market performance parts to your car, in an effort for it to "go fast - more quickly" is not a ricer.

But hey, what do I know, we're arguing over the criteria of a "ricer" in a damn Architecture forum. Go figure..

"..Oh, how many HP will a Type R sticker add to my Lancer?" :rolleyes:

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Your RX-7 runs low 14's stock at best if its turbo & stick, with you driving probably not even that good.  If you want to see an economy car, I'll be more than happy to run you at HMP any Friday night...

PM me for a date with your little rotary.

My research indicates that a Stock Civic Si runs high 15s....supercharged they do mid/high 14s...so I suspect your car is mid/low 15s. My RX-7 isn't stock....I don't think it'd be much of a race.

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You know.. on a serious note, there used to be big street races around here, either I'm getting old and out of the loop, or HPD has finally got a handle on things.

I've been to a couple here though, that looked like something straight out of a movie. Well, everything minus a token rapper like Ludacris or JaRule.. :unsure:

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OK, so I don't ride it anymore. But I used to. It was as solid as a Rock, and eventually sank like one!

I use to drive one of those not to long ago. Actually had 3 of them. Great gas milage as well.

Now this is what I drive.


LOL Actually it is a 1998 white Dodge Neon and my lady has a 1996 Blue Toyota Corolla.

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