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My repertoire:

1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT, black

2002 Pontiac Trans Am Ram-Air WS6, black

2005 Ford F150 LTX Triton, black

1985 Ibanez Destroyer X-Series, black

2000 Steinway Model B, black

These are my rides, and they are undisputed.

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it looks nice - it does looked kind of like a squished SUV -

how is the interior? (lots of space i imagine)

i would hope the squished look wouldn't give way to only "coffin-sized" items in the back...lol

btw - that is texas co. building and stowers in the background, no? B)


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Thanks.  Yes, I am going to have to buy the wife a 525 Wagon someday to make up for it.

Dang deers!


I've got a 2000 540i Wagon for sale. My wife bought it for our new baby but the car is to fast and sporty for her. You can go 200mph to the grocery store. She bought a 740il the other day and the 540 is on a used car lot in Montrose for sale.


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Hose them out?  They don't do the full biohazard cleanup bit?

Not that I've seen. Usually they just lay out some black plastic sheets and throw the larger bits onto it, then wrap the whole thing up and shove it in the M.E.'s van. Then they bring out the power washing truck which sprays down the area. It has a kind of sweet smell, so maybe theire's some anti-bacterial/disinfecting agent in the power washing spray.

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