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Boliviana De Aviación Airlines


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Looks like the 787 is making a rare stop at the Big Airport later this evening. If any of you want to brave the elements, here is the flight information. Should be landing around 19:00. http://flightaware.com/live/flight/BOE5

This link is better as it tracks the specific aircraft (N787FT). Another one of the test 787s could be operating as Boeing 5.


It's going to depart sometime after 10:45am per a press release I found on HoustonSpotters.net.

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Somehow last night when I logged in to post the pictures I seemed to have managed to end up with a new account with the identity MRain... not sure how but I have no idea now how to access the account now. I am one and the same... just not sure what happened. Anyways, glad everyone like the pictures. The weather was pretty brutal that day by Houston standards. I ended up going with just a light sweater when I should've worn a jacket and gloves, the temp was 25 IIRC and a strong steady wind blowing. Was frozen by the time I got back to my car but well worth it. Tried to get some shots of the whole plane but kept running into security who frowned on me inching closer to an active taxiway. Hopefully it'll make another stop here and I'll remember to take the good camera.

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