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  1. What?? You have got to be kidding me. My kids have attended both public in The Woodlands and private in Houston. The private school has ZERO, and I do mean ZERO tolerance for "issues." They are moving way to fast and put up with nothing. The public system has to put up with a lot or they will get sued. Do you know how hard it is to expel a kid in the public system? There were kids in my boys public that were physcially violent towards kids and teachers, and they would just go home for the rest of the day and have "sessions" with the VP. Let's put it this way, one of my boys is a complete HAM. Good hearted but a total distraction and brilliant to boot. In the public system they just would put him on red or yellow for the day...no recourse. In private, the kid racked up so many detentions for hamming ( 5 of them) and talking that he got suspended (in house). Next year 5 detentions means a 3 day suspenion. Two suspensions you are out. And this is for overly-social talking. All this said, there are specific private schools know to be more for the troublesome kids of the wealthy, but most of them are not that way.
  2. HUH? You have a huge portion of Memorial ( and their income) that have very easy access to this. Town and Country Village does a booming business and it's not exactly accessible from I-10 or the Beltway. Most of us in the area use Memorial for getting around anyway, so I-10 access isn't an issue. Due to the amount of disposable income around here, I think it will have great success. It's built more as a CityCentre for the area, not a tourist attraction. Most of these other Centers and Markets aren't visable from the freeways either. Apparently it's going to be finished in the Beltway area by October. And by the looks of it, it will be. I am amazed at what they have done in 4 years.
  3. If The Woodlands can get 750,000 for theirs I see no reason CityCentre (in Memorial, in the City) can't get 800,000 for theirs. Just saying....
  4. I agree with the tenant list. I also like the Voss Academy and choose it first over all other locations.With the exception of the HEB,all the other stuff listed is sprinkled around within a two mile radius of this place. What gives? It doesn't fit the profile of the area.
  5. It's coming along very quickly. I like the uplights they are doing on the buildings. Very nice. Can't wait for Nori Bistro to open.
  6. In Tanglewood, an old, modern house is mostly likely a goner. The fact that it's on a fringe street and priced about 200k too high for a tear down might save it.
  7. One of our neighbors got put on the board of one of those companies last fall. Yesterday they moved out of the ghetto and into their 3.5 million dollars River Oaks house.
  8. Well, at least they are allowed to protest, unlike the private-public parks outside of Houston.
  9. ICK. Really? Those seem very average and really don't fit the demographics of the area. Its more like a line up you would find out in the suburbs somewhere. A lot of those places already have some form of an HEB Market. You are right that maybe the location might be too close to the existing one. But there is a huge population in the Beltway area and west that would go to it, and the demographics of 77024 are perfect for that type of market.
  10. Maybe they'll keep it. This area has really gone up in price lately. In order to get in a liveable house in this school district you're having to be 300k+ , and having to sacrifice location a little to even do that.
  11. Except the ones that tag a new house under construction, and bubble letter out the message, "This is my house, delicate flower."
  12. Isn't that Yao Ming's place? I know he is building in Rivercrest on Westhiemer. He will bring his parents. His restuarant is right across the street.
  13. Getting off the Westpark and then trying to get over to the 59N lanes is an adventure in itself. I never understand when they expand the freeways and then put single lane interchange ramps.
  14. Macy's. I don't know anyone who shops its Galleria location. Its old and worn and smells of suburbia. Valentino just announced that he was going to retire. He wants to go out at the top of his game. I haven't heard if he's turning over his line to another designer, but I would assume not.
  15. "Why is everyone doing the quote sign here?" Is what I heard from son #1 at the game today.
  16. Actually there is a pretty good way to do it online. You can go to the County clerk's website and plug in your name on property search. You will find all transactions you've made in Harris county. Then plug in the people whom you bought the house from to find who they bought it from. And so on and so on. I traced back 8 owners on my house to find the original person who bought and who they contracted with to build it. Now, there may be a limit to how far back you can go, but its a start. I haven't seen many records pre-dating 1955. Edit for link http://www.cclerk.hctx.net/pfiling.htm
  17. Agreed. Except Indian Springs Village had some roll. But the back part where we lived was flat as a pancake honestly didn't have many more pine trees than east Katy. We planted 17, 100 gallon hardwoods to try to create an effect. We have far more trees where we live now, and we didn't have to plant one! But I hope what everyone is projecting about other "downtowns" for each burb comes true. I think we are all in for a big shock when the 2010 census comes out with all RECORDED residents. The more that work close to their "perfect place" the better. Just compared to my drives around the Galleria and West Houston 3 years ago, I swear it feels like a million more have moved in. There isn't any open land around here, so they must be commutung in.
  18. I guess I could see that, but that drive into the EC would be hellish until that time. 65,000 is a lot of people to employ in the EC alone, but who know with the amount of Class A being built right now. Our old neighborhood, in the EC, is really going through some changes, drastic prices increases and MCMansionization is beginning to start. I just think commuting beyond your residental area will become impossible with the next 3 years. It basically is almost to that point now.
  19. Driving around the metro area has gotten so damn aweful and these places are so far away or off the beaten path they just don't make sense for a good quality of life for the parents. Planned down to the last blade of grass keeps chaos at bay, but also creates some whacky expectations from its residents. Unless you can find employment within 10 miles of one these planned areas, I wouldn't live in them. Katy and the Energy Corridor make sense. Bridgeland is in the middle of nowhere. I know people like that, but I don't know how they stand driving 3 hours a day.
  20. This use of eminent domain so wrong it makes me sick. Why doesn't the COH tell the Pavillions to budget space WITH the compound, instead of taking someone's house/private property. Oh, yeah I forgot about greasing the palms..........
  21. Eldridge has really gone upstyle lately. Hope the areas around it catch on soon.
  22. Its starting to go up pretty fast now. T&C Village and Town Center now blend in the semi-completed areas. Can't wait for some of the eateries! Memorial Herman is shaping up too. Still not too sure about the tower. The whole look of the area really has been changed in the past year.
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