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  1. McCullough campus is now 7th and 8th only Branch Crossing became 9th only TWHS is now 10-12.
  2. I avoid it. If I need to shop and have a great lunch, I go to Uptown. If I want a good dinner without the 2 hour wait, I got to Uptown. But you know, without the market street, there really would be nothing up here. So I'm glad they have it I guess.
  3. Children's Collection. Post Oak and San Felipe. It was a great place to shop if you didn't want you boy dressing like a skate boarder or a gangsta.
  4. The kids love Cha Chos on Westhiemer and Nantucket. Great Drive-thru as well.
  5. You see this a lot in Westhaven Estates. It basically means that its changing dwelling type. ie, from single family to multi-family.
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