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  1. What happened to HUNAN on Post Oak? Did they move due to the construction or have they closed for good. That place is like Galleria Icon.
  2. We recently moved to West Memorial. The boys will attend Stratford High School, however they will got to St. Francis until that time. Our little neighborhood (east of Kirkwood) is for some reason zoned to Spring Forest Middle. While the neighorhood is in revitalization, the school demo changes are not there enough for us yet. Spring Forest has too many issues at this time, but I think it will shape up to be a great school once West Memorial fills with 30-40 year olds with kids and the number of 65+ households depletes. Its an incredible neighborhood and such a RELIEF after The Woodlands.
  3. Putting kids, coming from any area not just Gulfton, from the ages of 10-19 together seems to be an absolutley HORRIBLE idea. I really don't understand the rational and how they think the social dynamics of this is going to work. Just because the children are more focused on education than their counterparts, that doesn't mean they are socially mature or not troublemakers. Plenty of bright kids are bullies, just look at the suburbs. This is so sad: "The younger students already are planning their strategies for coping with potential bullies: "I'd just keep walking," 10-year-old Saul Bravo advised. "You don't want to get in a fight with the older kids. They can beat you bad."" Margaret Long Wisdom High School 6529 Beverly Hill Lane. http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/nb/mem...ws/4961490.html
  4. If it helps any, I think you made the right choice. Everything you need is right there and very close by, which helps quality of life. Find peace in your decision. Our home is not selling up here and I fear we will have to re-sell the one we bought in town. It will sell in a week or less. The market up here is totally flat in our price range and I don't think we can support two houses for more than a few months. We keep dumping the price on a 3 year old Weaver and are getting less and less showings each week. It makes us ill, we are so ready to move back and move on.
  5. Honestly if you are playing the real estate game these days, whomever writes the biggest check wins. I don't care if I was living in a BLVD home, where the neighbors want to keep everything "the same." Snoop Dog writes me a check for 4 million, Snoop gets the house............I'm moving anyway
  6. We joined Lakeside. Its a great, young club. It has some of its own hangups but in general you can join if you are from a good family from Houston or outside Houston. Its much more socially laid back that both HCC and ROCC.
  7. Tanglewood is a tough crowd. They barely talk to each other much less an "outsider." Trying to get into the Houston Country Club is like getting into Ft. Knox. If you aren't third generation, wealthy Houstonian, you don't have a chance. River Oaks has always been more excepting of new people and of new wealth. There are Mexican Nationals and Latin Americans moving into the Tanglewood Blvd section now. They don't care if they are wanted or not. There is a lot of eye rolling from the natives, but the nationals generally throw up a gate and security cameras and keep to themselves. So they seem to be co-exiting without too much animosity. The association bi-laws are a hoot to read though. Unchanged since the 60's.....
  8. All High Schools have SNOTS and SNOBS. Memorial is no worse than any of them.
  9. Nah. Just anything associated with a more city atmosphere make people wrinkle their nose in the burbs.
  10. When we lived in Tanglewood, we would say Uptown/Galleria to people not familiar with Houston.. You say Uptown and they have no clue what you are talking about. You say Galleria, they think big, bad city. Blend them together and you might get a more possitive reaction.
  11. VOCC is the best Village up here. I love that little neighborhood of Life FOrms, Haydens somethingeranother. Wisteria Walk is the main road in.
  12. I really haven't liked the look of any of the new Kickerillo developments. I just can't imagine spending the type of money they charge on a house made out of putty, with palm trees in front, next to ones that look exactly the same. All those homes just look so out of place in Texas. Galveston maybe, but not Katy or the Piney Woods.
  13. Hey Vic, We are very curious about Memorial Thicket. Half the subdivision is zoned to HISD (The only area south of the bayou to be zoned there) and the other half zoned to Katy. What gives? Do you know the history? Is there anyway to request the other district. Its weird to have the kids across the street zoned to somewhere completely else. Thanks!
  14. We just applied to Second Baptist School. Any "SnootySnot" report on that one?
  15. Gosh, I remember all those clubs very well. But first we would stop at La Carafe and have Purple Woo Woos. I was 16/17 and have no clue why I was served them or how I got into those clubs. I might even seen Parrot there! I did X once and got the massive shivers.......ick. That was enough for me to never do a drug ever again. Ah the days of Depeche Mode and "Taking a Ride" with my "Own Personal Jesus"
  16. Yeah, when they rezoned it years ago it basically killed it. It was going down hill for a while, but giving that school to "the hood" was the end of it. Lots of my friends from Tanglewood/Briargrove families went there in the late 80's.
  17. Vic. I don't think there really is enough room on that corner to do all that. My son had some T-ball games on the "fields" years back. What is currently open space is very minimal. And, the residents behind it would not put up with a hostile takeover of their properties. Rezoning to the area is the only way to attract the residents. But currently most of the neighborhood, with that age children, fled to Memorial if they didn't go into private. So, I don't think there are enough kids to warrent a rezone. It's a Catch 22.
  18. Well there is the flip side too, and what I see more of in the Woodlands: The stop and park and stay til the dismissal bell rings. I know several mothers that basically are TOO involved in the school. Doing hours of work almost everyday. Everytime you walk in the door, you see them there. Even at home they are constantly fund raising, cooking for teacher banquets, crafting one project or another for their kids. My sister, who is a teacher in Virginia, tells me those mothers are just as bad as the stop and droppers. They are in the teacher's face and space and hyper obsess about their kids. I guess being somewhere in the middle is the goal. While I like to be involved in the school, I also feel a strong need to have my own life outside my children, and my children need to know and see this. I also think its important for children to have a safe "testing ground" to see how they use the morals and character you have taught them, without Mom ALWAYS being there. I pick and chose a few events to participate in, and make myself available to the teacher as an aid about once every few weeks. Weekly email communication with all teachers is an absolute must. But back on topic, I totally agree that its the parental involvement as a whole that makes a strong school and makes individual children a success. Many schools that are ranked Recognized might actually be a stronger schools than those rated execellent due to the strength of the PTO. Without involved parents, at any level, the teachers would be overwhelmed. And if you aren't involved with teaching the basics at home, the child will sink because so many of the basics are skipped or left for parents to teach due to the TAKS "preparedness" pressure. But sadly, its the TAKS test results that defines a school Exemplary/Excellent, not the parents.
  19. All the schools have great GT programs. We are currently in one. I do feel the education is much more sound than HISD and we get great art, music pe etc. No spanish and we still study for the TAKS . Don't worry to much about the bored teens and their little distruction modes. At least they aren't forming gangs like they do in HISD and now SBISD. I can't help you with Scouts, but I can ask a friend who has a son in it. I don't know what your price range is so I really can't fully recommend a neighborhood. But you can look at HAR.COM when you have time and then ask questions about certain streets and areas if you see something you like. I still say Cochrans and the schools its feeds to is your best bet.
  20. The below are the best in my opinion. I also think Cochrans Crossing is the best Village, which feeds to Galatas and Powell. Galatas would be my number one choice after living here 2 years. GALATAS EL Exemplary ++ ++ ++ ++ NQ ++ POWELL EL Exemplary ++ ++ ++ ++ NQ ++ BUCKALEW Coulson Tough and Deretchin are also wonderful and stay together through 6th grade but...........the area in the back is growing at such a rate that the school are bursting and putting up temporary buildings. There will be some shifting at some point once again in Sterling Ridge to accomodate a few more thousand kids that will live in the still unfinished areas. Good Luck!
  21. Greetings Native5th, We moved from the Galleria 2 years ago and I understand the urge for both great schools and being closer to it all. We moved here for the schools and for the advantages selling our in-town ranch house would give us. After being here for two years and seeing the massive changes underway, I would move to Cochrans Crossing. In fact, we may move up there from Sterling Ridge next year as we love a certain neighborhood and its much closer to TWHS and MCCullough. Cochrans is right in the middle of the woodlands, zoned to those schools you mentioned, and has houses in all price ranges. I love walking the areas off Cochrans Crossing between Lake Woodlands and Research Forest. They have everything from multi-million to wonderfully spaced houses around 200 or less, I am guessing. The area is mature, well-spaced, private, well laid out and has a the feeling of being in another town. Most of the homes are zoned to Galatas, Mitchell, MCCullough and TWHS. You learn so much about the nighborhoods after living here for a year or so, its hard to find your niche when you are spending only weekends looking for houses.
  22. Hey Bach! Sorry, half your message was chopped. Something about your 15 year old struggling at College Park? I can't drive this crazy comment thing too well. Have you tried Mathnasium At Panther Creek for math help? I understand College Park is causing problems for many.

  23. 24 karat gold tiles. So whether this is completely true or not, or that its just paint, the fact that it was mentioned means in about a year the mural is going have big chunks missing in it.........
  24. There seems to be a number of houses for sale in this "block" all the sudden. A compact area that is suddenly selling always makes me wonder. Is it just time for a good turnover, or is something "going to happen" to this stretch of Memorial? 12823 MEMORIAL DR 13034 MEMORIAL DR 12923 MEMORIAL DR 13006 MEMORIAL DR 12926 MEMORIAL DR 12902 MEMORIAL DR
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