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  1. Massive traffic problems starting around 4pm in that area.
  2. Well from the scenes from that party, I fear that poor little pony is no longer pure.
  3. Is that Franklin Rose's (the plastic surgeon with the trashy wife) daughter. Edit: Oops answered my own question. YES it is. RUN SWEET PRINCE RUN!! They look like the Ozbornes in this picture.
  4. She really works it doesn't she? BCT is rather a parody of herself.
  5. PA, you do know that The Woodlands consists mainly of a large middle class and upper middle class population. They far out number the upper class...and the crazy,insane wealth of the inner loop, or near inner loop, is only here in a handful. 90% of the population is comfortable this is true, but most of them can't pop over to Amerigos or Flemings to do lunch with the gals every week. PS-You like Bohemian? Well, upper crusters aren't known for being very bohemian........Upper middle isn't really know for it either......except maybe their teenage kids
  6. Sounds a little like Martha Turner.......cept the gold clothing part.
  7. I think Kenyon died of some sort of sudden heart problem. I wouldn't call Mrs. Bush a socialite. She is more of a Houston Landmark and a do-gooder.
  8. Mary Elizabeth Meacham Hahnfield. M.E. would be one of this generation's foremost socialites..in Houston that is. Of course, Gigi (Hunan) thinks she's one too. PS- How old is that picture of Carolyn Farb? <gonna hide now>
  9. I have always found the Woodlands mall very depressing and never go. It reminds me of the small town malls in NC. I have no problems with the teens hanging out there, being posers, preps or otherwise. This is their time in life to figure things out. And its much better that that's being done inside the mall rather than running around in an outside mall late at night. As to Woodlanders not using Market Street and the mall, in my experience you are right. Most of the people I know drive into the Galleria to do any major shopping.......I mean who wouldn't? Its a blast of reality and a show all at once. Otherwise most of the "necessity" shopping is done online these days anyway. Its such a hike to get around these parts that most people find it easier to get the size and style, or product, they want right of the net and delivered to their door. Since there are no "multiples" of the same stores up here, you will often spin your wheels trying to find a certain item. A large portion of the concrete block has been tranformed so maybe that will continue. I really don't care either way, I don't spend time up there, except at the "Central Market" that really isn't. Now when Churascos opens, that will pull me up there a few times a year.
  10. Well its now a junior high that is 58% hispanic in a 100% white neighborhood. The TAKS scores are horrible, they average in the low 70s. Kids are coming in from more rough and tumble neighborhoods.
  11. Now, if they could only fix Grady middle school.... Actually rezoning all those apartments has more to do with the fact that Briargrove was using over flow buildings at the Post Oak YMCA in order to educate all the kids zoned to the school. With the rezoning The School at Post Oak will close and all will go to Briargrove. A majority of the non-apartment neighborhood families go into private or move to SBISD for 6th grade and up. IF they rezoned Grady, they might stay.
  12. Hey Bach, have any figures come out on how Market Street stores are doing finacially? I noticed that unlike Highland Village, Uptown Park and like fabricated centers, Market Street is completely dead on weekdays.... even on weekend afternoons we really haven't seen much activity. It would be interesting how all those stores are doing in comparison to their other locations. However, I kinda like that lack of activity because I can get a spot anywhere and be in and out of a shop quickly. PS- That Pot Belly sandwich shop is pretty good and cute, don't know about the entertainment though.
  13. Great info. But, who was Huffsmith? Almost every road in our area seems to have his name in it.
  14. We went into the Orvis up here a few weeks ago, my husband is a Texan and an avid hunter. They certainly did there research and are catering to the Woodlands demographic, no custom guns or deluxe hunting accesories...just clothing, dog beds and preppy women's clothing. There was some fishing gear.... The Orvis on Augusta and Westheimer is certainly more "Texan."
  15. Its crazy where customs homes start at in 2006, compaired to 5 years ago. Even companies like Village and Horton have gone off the the deep end in my opinion. What's amazing is the land value in the newer sections is only about 75k, your value is in the house..........that's rather a scary thought for a Houstonian. Your house better be a good one, and I guess that's what was the hardest thing for those Life Form owners when the stucco hit the fan. But this sharp upswing is good for The Woodlands I guess. But I am very skeptical about those Brownstones going for 800 up in Eastshore. That's almost as much or more than an intown garden home,with a strip of grass. I can't understand how the apraissals are going through, the land is worth so little. As to Beckonvale, I think its a really cute neighborhood and many of the houses have that Craftsman feel. We looked at a few with the idea that we would upgrade some of the standard materials. In the end, we thought with the reputation Life Forms had and the lack of land value up here, they weren't worth the price and resale was risky. Plus, I have to agree with a previous post, these particular homes were cute on the outside but the bedroom areas were like a rabbit warren. BUT, those Life Forms are now selling for 100k more that when we were looking...so there ya go.
  16. Bach, there are many Life Forms in an area called Beckonvale that are larger and were built in the past few years.. And Weaver homes didn't hit that crazy level until recently, in fact three years ago they weren't much more than those Life Forms they are/were building. I was speaking of companies, not price ranges. But more to my point, realtors continue to dog the company, maybe unfairly. If the problems were fixed and resolved, I would think fair practices would let the issue go.
  17. Real Estate Agents really rag on Life Forms, even the newer ones, to this day. We went with George Weaver. Great family and company.
  18. Wilchester is booming like crazy now, like it did in the early 80's. It sure would be nice to see Westchester High School open again and give that area more choices. Friend's parents that still live there say not only have house prices doubled in the past three years, but our generation in buying them up like crazy and gutting. True Memorial has gotten way too expensive for most of the 30-40 year old set, so they are having to move back into West Memorial to get into Spring Branch Schools. I don't know if Stratford can handle to population load of this "rebirth."
  19. Agreed Bach. Town Center/Market Street is only a few city blocks. If you can't walk that, then you are just lazy. Miami has the Monorail, and it took 15 years for anyone to ride it. Its more of a 100 million dollar novelty.
  20. Eegads, I can't stand HEB. Its all generic brands and I've had 4 rotten meat experiences there. I have no sense of smell, so one incident sent me to the ER. Fortunately the other 3 times people were there to smell it. Strange they can't carry the same quality meats and produce as their Central MArket locations. Kroger is ok, but the produce is awful. I shop the Randalls up here. There really isn't much choice for me, pay a little more or puke. Are they closing the one at Voss and Woodway? The employees really made that store. They all stayed after the buyout.
  21. Well, we started at ten years til we come back...now its 9. Tick Tock. Off course, if we win the lotto and can buy a brand spanking new home in Piney Point or Hedwig, we'll be home the next day!
  22. Wow! Thanks for that. Now we will actually know whats going on up here versus getting glossed over reports from the Association. They never update their "watch" area.
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