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  1. Yeah, that was Kips. IS that whole chain dead now? I remember their strawberry pie.
  2. What's with man standing in front of the old buildings wearing a USA cap and/or waving an American Flag and pointing to the vacated offices?? He often takes poses of famous American Patriotic statues. He's there almost every day, and it does make you smile after few times because he seems like such a harmless loonie. Is he a hired guy for PR, is a tenant still in there we can't see or is he just a nut? Its not like you can look too long to figure out what he's pointing at because you will run into the back of someone if you did. Anyone else seen him? I see him almost everyday between 2 and 3pm.
  3. Brownstones are starting to go up. Prices starting at 850k. http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/stories...ml?ana=from_rss
  4. 249 to back up to that mess?? Where is the emoticon token on a reefer?
  5. Some builder is building vanilla colored, patterned concrete walls on their constructions on Friar Tuck and Memorial. There are two of them and they look HORRIBLE, like shiney plastic. They look like the plastic walls you get in the bag of mini,plastic army men. Sad. Also, if some one goes crashing into that ( not like anyone slides off Memorial into a wall ever....every month... ), it one huge piece that has to be reformed rather than patched.
  6. I think that is so great and will do a lot for Grady. Returning to a neighborhood school will return the support and PTO funding that neighborhood can provide

  7. I think the whole area right there is turning into the 4th downtown. Downtown, Uptown, Medical Center and now this area. Wonder what they will nickname it? Since Town Centre just describes that one devlopment some other phrase will be needed to describe that whole area of Gessner to the Beltway. Town West? I love that the one they are building in NY is located in FISHKILL NY.......
  8. I'm glad about McCormmicks too. Not really crazy about another Flemings, which seems to pop up in all these "market street" places. I'd love to see a Berings pop in there. If its a "lifestyle area," a great little hardware store would be a great addition...and for West Houston too. Houston also needs another Central Market, but I don't think they are planning any real ones around Houston at this point. This whole area seems to be coming to life and its so neat to see. Now if only someone would get ahold of Memorial west of Kirkwood and spiff it up. They have started at the corner, but they need to keep on going.
  9. That's one of the few 60's mods I've ever sort of liked. Maybe because it has a little hint of Craftsman or Prarie style to it. I got to agree that Riverside has some amazing home in it. Has there been an increase in value of the past few years like the rest of Houston?
  10. Yes. They claimed there wasn't anything to rent for a good price for the town hall and night court. So they bought a mega-million dollar mansion in residental Piney Point. They did it under and alias so "they could get a fair market price." Apparently if it was the City of Piney Point buying it, they would have to pay more...not to mention shooting lots of red flags up in the air, revealing their business practices. I think they felt was much more cost efficent to have a big swimming pool for parties in the back and a glamourous office/suite for the social climbing mayor. It was a big deal around here. The residents banned together and found them a place to rent right down the street. It didn't take them the "monthes and monthes of searching to no avail," like it did the "powers that be."
  11. That's the house the Piney Point Mayor and Co. bought in secret for the new town hall. They got busted and proven wrong about their claims of no rental property available. So its being auctioned off
  12. Some pregnant, drunken and/or high homeless woman chased us down Main (downtown) a few weeks ago threatening to kick my blonde ass. All we were doing was walking, she kept following and dogging us........Freaked me out. Hubby said he would have decked her if she wasn't pregnant.
  13. I wish that new Town Centre could lure HEB to open a TRUE Central Market there. Houston is certainly big enough to supporttwo locations.
  14. I loved Cochrans Crossing. I used to drive over and park at Cattail dog park (off Cochrans Crossing) from Sterling Ridge and walk the neighborhoods over there. My favorite smaller neighborhood was Haydens Run ( main road in was Wisteria Walk), a Lifeforms neighborhood right by Galatas Elem.. Homes in the low 200's tucked amongst the million and up homes. The neat thing was you had to really drive back to it through a greenbelt, over a bridge that dead ended in a Park. Here's one listing http://www.har.com/7318724 Lots of the Treehouse plan in there too. The schools in the area there are favored, however the education is no better than Houston schools. For now however they are"safer" all the way through High School. Deretchin, the elem. school one of the boys went to is now around 1200 strong with temp buildings and drowning in ESL students, according to my old neighbors. We moved from Houston to The Woodlands in 2004. Recently we moved back home to Houston.
  15. + Frostwood homes sell within a week and over 500k. SO if people are jumping ship, others are boarding as fast as they can. Crime maps don't show anything other than stolen cars off the street. Lots of stuff along the freeway, but that's all over Houston. PS- I just looked at the crime maps again. There is nothing going on in Frostwood except stolen cars and DUIs down Gessner. Stolen cars happen all over town, and if you are going to leave your car on a dark, neighborhood street overnight, its going to get broken into at some point. ALso, when we were looking at Memorial homes, hubby wouldn't even consider anything around Gessner. Bunker Hill East or Beltway to the west to Kirkwood was the boundry.ANd always north of the bayou and south of I-10.
  16. Well there wasn't for a while in the cut through way I go, and the fences were down. BUt they were pumping water out of the area..........so now I see activity again
  17. Ron's Pub would shrug off any non-smoking ordinance. The place is a virtual smokehouse. NO music and dancing there either. Just Darts, cards,some games showed on TV and drinks.
  18. What's going on with this project? There has not been any activity lately and now they are actually taking some of the fences down. Did it tank or has the freeway construction in the area stauled it? Also, I was a little disappointed to see many of the same chain, suburban resturants going in that are at all the fake "town" centers. This is Houston, bring on the flavor and the funk. There seem to be a few individual ones, but Brio and all other blandbrands are cramming in too.
  19. Great place. Its been around forever and a favorite morning spot for Uptowners.
  20. Gosh that was your typical Sunday Super in North Carolina. It was served in the Dining Room on china with the silver, complete with a waffle iron on the server.
  21. Vic, I doubt they will ever let the districts totally merge and/or an application process occur for the basic reason it would KILL property values in SBISD. People move there and pay more to live there for the schools. If anyone could go to a SBISD school from anywhere in there area, what would be the point of moving there? Taxable values would plummit as would educational funding. No one in SBISD wants there kids going to school with the Westchase Apartment District "students." Merging school districts would make previously nice areas decline, previously great school districts average and more of a flight to the burbs . Just little disorganized pockets of nice neighborhoods would remain in Houston, that attend private school. Remember, its the people who live IN the district , and the tax dollars they provide, that make it a good one or a bad one. As to the Stratford and Memorial HS out of area attendance,I have only heard the chronic rumor that people rent cheap apartments for an address so their children can attend one school or another. MOst of the time the student has a relative that is a District employee. However, I have heard that they make allowances for the crazy area of Barkers Landing and Fleetwood from time to time. That zoning to KISD is weird. I think I'll call Stratford when the offices are open and ask them about HISD students attending. I'm curious as to how this out of district education occurs. Are their voucers, scholarships or is there a surplus they are using to do this that should be rechanneled back into the district? As to Westchester, I understand that it would most likely return to a neighborhood school, redistricting Memorial and Stratford. The revitalization of the areas that attend Memorial on the North side of I-10 are creating more students, as is the rebirth to a family neighborhood from a retiree one of Wilchester and Nottingham and Nottingham Forest. But I am sure its years off.
  22. Hey Reef, when did you graduate from SMU? I graduated in '91 Regaurding SFM, gets keep your ears open the next two years. I know the dynamics of the area are changing quickly and more young families are moving in. There are some whispers that Westchester HS may have to reopen in five years to handle the influx of kids. My husband graduated from there and we would love to make it a generational thing.
  23. There was a lot of conflict with the principal, but that issue is too newly resolved and its "too soon to tell" if it changed anything. The Demographic problem is that you have some pretty harden kids coming from the Tully Stadium apartment area. Its always been a socially tough school, but since Katrina its gotten a little tougher. Many try to get their kids into private for the middle school years then return to Stratford in 9th grade. I guess its all what you are used too and what you are comfortable with. And it also has A LOT do with the personality of your child. Only a parent knows if there child would get eaten alive or fall prey to pressure in such an atmosphere.
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