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Shamrock 6: Houston's 1st Multiplex?

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I think Safeway bought some Weingartens locations around 1980 but my memory is bad.

I believe that was when the Weingarten chain was sold to Grand Union. GU changed the logo to reflect theirs at the time and opened a few more stores, but was shedding more than opened. Safeway bought most of them in January 1984, including one in Bryan (it closed in January 1992 as an AppleTree). One even opened in College Station in November 1983 but it closed within two months.

(Thanks for backing me up otherwise)

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I didn't know that Grand Union changed the names of ANY Weingarten's. Studewood, W. 20th, W. 43rd, and Washington Avenue all remained under the Weingarten banner until they were all sold off in '84. At that point, Studewood became Clayton's, 20th and 43rd became Safeway, and Washington Avenue split in two, becoming Hi-Lo and Eckerd's.

Where the O'Reilly on North Main at North Freeway is, was an OLD Weingarten's that, IIRC, ceased being a grocer in the Grand Union take over. That one I'm a little fuzzy on. I know it never was another grocer after Weingarten's, but it may have been closed even earlier than I remember.

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BTW, sorry for going off of topic, never went to the Shamrock 4 or 6. I can tell you the Almeda and Northwest 4 were the first "multiplexes" in Houston. I believe Town & Country was right after them.

Also, the poster stating the Kroger on W. Gray was originally a Weingarten's is absolutely correct.

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  • Highrise Tower changed the title to Shamrock 6: Houston's 1st Multiplex?
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