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  1. When are they going to get some competition for 97.9 kbxx and kmjq 102.1
  2. Univision set the station up to fail but Im glad it will room for a new station
  3. Hopefully the movie theater is still bit. Preferably, an Edwards Theater, as Katy already has Cinemark and AMC. Dammit its in Richmond lol
  4. Texaco Heritage is one of the ugliest buildings in Houston sometimes
  5. Theres no way I would leave sugarland for spring
  6. I've always hated that side view of downtown in #4
  7. No it wont hurt 979 Party 933 has horrible djs and it just doesnt sound professional
  8. Even though I didnt care for Carmen I hate to see anyone lose their job I also dont think Party 93.3 will be on the air that much longer not to good of a station we need a new hip hop station
  9. Lets say Sugar Land annexed Aliana it has Richmond address would sugar land want their address on there
  10. Yea I live near the westpark tollway and I dont understand why we have a Richmond address
  11. Hey Aliana wont be part of SL I thought that was Richmond
  12. How about you quit jocking and everyone else these guys suck at 610 what a bunch of clowns Ralph Cooper is the best in Houston yall sound like a bunch of homos I prefer him to rome your funny man
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