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  1. Edens is swooping in from out of town (just like Regency was going to do). Uptown is probably not the only property they own or are developing, and their priorities may be different from those of AmREIT. That alone means the full $1.2 billion project may be more of an investment than they would want to commit to. So I see revisions coming and at the least a re-timing of the developments. On the positive side, I think Edens offers deeper pockets to support whatever AmREIT had planned to build.
  2. They must be protecting some of the windows.
  3. I dunno, but it's a shame to lose that church.
  4. I had one when I was a kid...back in 1966. Anyone know why they switched contractors?
  5. I can remember when that Dillard's was a Joske's. If there were a way to connect to the Galleria, that would make a whole lot of sense. As for how Zone D'Erotica got that corner, I would imagine it must be making all kinds of money; otherwise the landlord would have raised the rent to something prohibitive and tried to redevelop those pad sites.
  6. Correct. They started digging the hole earlier in the Summer.
  7. They're still listing the start period as Q1 2015. I'm guessing demand is strong enough that they'll have a name for this project by the end of the year.
  8. The W in Dallas is set back some distance from any of the nearby freeways. I think it's in Victory Park.
  9. This town can't build apartments fast enough to meet demand. I still have to bet that there's room for the 38-story tower to go up sooner rather than later. The Marquette (er, Catalyst) starts out of the ground next week.
  10. The trees along the West Loop appear to be gaining height and starting to provide some screening of the neighborhoods. They've just planted trees along I-10 from downtown out to 610, and it already looks nice. Where they've done this it's been a good thing.
  11. For Houston, yes. It just depends on how strong demand is. Right now, the city is good for 24,000 apartment units a year.
  12. We had one downtown many decades ago. I think it got torn down.
  13. The previous unit count was 309 in a 40 floor building, or slightly more than 7.5 per floor. Unless there's a density increase, the floor count would have to be 40 atop 12 (or beside 12). Incidentally, the initial rendering of the building appeared to be 23 atop 9.
  14. We don't have renders of the EaDo, either. We may just have to wait.
  15. I didn't think there was room for all that side-by-side on the site. But it could be...
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