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  1. This is an extremely exciting project although to be clear it is at the Johnson Space Center, not the Houston Spaceport.
  2. The 12th Man Foundation is preparing to launch a $350 million capital campaign for a variety of athletics projects. - Student-Athlete Academic Center | $35 million - New Football Practice Complex | $40 million - Bright Building Renovation | $15 million - New Indoor Track Complex | $45 million - New Soccer Stadium with Signature Roof Structure | $30 million - Blue Bell Park Upgrade | $30 million - Indoor Tennis Courts | $15 million - Training Field Pavilion | $10 million - Reed Arena | $125 million http://cbe.tamu.edu/Data/Sites/1/allouruploads/presidentialactions/2021actions/052421athleticfacilitiesandprogrammingplan.pdf Football Facilities Blue Bell Park Upgrade | $30 million The Aggie Baseball program will take its training to the next level with a new baseball development center that allows for crucial training during inclement weather. Players will up their game indoors through a new strength and conditioning center, pitching and hitting development labs, training room, nutrition space, team meeting rooms and an expanded locker room. More fans also will get to experience Aggie Baseball via a leftfield seating expansion. Reed Arena Upgrade | $125 million This major upgrade will refresh our basketball arena to include premier seating and club areas with hospitality services. We will widen our concourse and open it up to improve access and viewing while visiting concessions. We will reconfigure how our arena looks on the inside and offer more dynamic and engaging visuals to bring a second-to-none experience to student-athletes and fans. New Soccer Stadium (Foreground is the new indoor Track Arena) Texas A&M received $56,153,542 for a clinical veterinary teaching and research complex from the recently passed Campus Construction Assistance Projects. https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/873/billtext/pdf/SB00052F.pdf#navpanes=0
  3. The Legislature early this morning appropriated $43,425,406 for construction of a STEM education center at the RELLIS campus in Capital Construction Assistance Projects. https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/873/billtext/pdf/SB00052F.pdf#navpanes=0
  4. UH Sugar Land receives $52,409,972 for construction of the Sugar Land Academic Building 2 from the newly passed Capital Construction Assistance Projects bill awaiting Gov. Abbott's signature. https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/873/billtext/pdf/SB00052F.pdf#navpanes=0
  5. UH-D gets $44,922,833 for renovation of existing buildings and other campus infrastructure upgrades and for the construction of the Police Department and Criminal Justice Academy Building from the Capital Construction Assistance Project bill. https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/873/billtext/pdf/SB00052F.pdf#navpanes=0
  6. UH gets quite a bit of love in the newly passed TRB (now called capital construction assistance projects) bill. Medical research facility: $59,897,111 Hobby School of Public Affairs Building: $40,000,000 IDEA Lab: $52,409,972 https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/873/billtext/pdf/SB00052F.pdf#navpanes=0
  7. The bill passed early this morning and is on its way to Gov. Abbott's desk for approval! The amounts for the TMC3 projects are listed below. Texas A&M: $69,897,111 MD Anderson: $69,897,111 UT Health Houston: $69,897,111 I believe these projects were already fully funded before so this will mean either larger buildings or (more likely) new projects elsewhere. https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/873/billtext/pdf/SB00052F.pdf#navpanes=0
  8. Great news! Campus construction bonds are currently making their way through the Texas Legislature and have bipartisan support. The bill provides support for Texas A&M's TMC3 building, MD Anderson's TMC3 building, and (depending on if the House or Senate version becomes law) possibly UT Health Houston's TMC3 building. There's still legislative finagling that needs to happen between the two chambers but there's a decent chance this happens before the deadline tomorrow. https://capitol.texas.gov/BillLookup/History.aspx?LegSess=873&Bill=SB52
  9. Newest Athletics Facilities: Davis Diamond: E.B. Cushing Stadium West Campus Quad Additions: West Campus Dining Center: Plant Pathology Building:
  10. Former Cain Hall Site: Hotel & Conference Center: Garage: Innovative Learning Classroom Building: ILSQ (lab component to Innovative Learning Classroom Building):
  11. Zachry Engineering Education Complex: The fun part about this building is it included the demolition of three small buildings that allowed for the creation of a new quad (and minor facade improvements to remaining buildings fronting the new quad)!
  12. Agreed! I was taunted with these plans all throughout my time at A&M and am extremely happy they're moving forward, even if construction only got started during my last semester. I think the Gardens on West Campus will also help contribute to the facilities arms race, especially since it is also used for academics. Construction cam: https://app.truelook.com/?u=ma1629835378#tl_live
  13. Concur on Phoenix. The "Phoenix Slide" method of changing lanes definitely freaked me out the first couple months after I moved there for a co-op in college.
  14. From the Laura's Facebook page: So cool to see the shipping container theme carry through from the Port and the art exhibit on the property.
  15. The rendering shows less parking out front than the Buffalo Heights HEB has.
  16. Actually part of the drive for the renovation was to increase useful tailgating space by leveling out the land (eliminating the slope down to the creek). The Association says this will result in more usable tailgating space.
  17. This document, provided by TMC, says phase 1 is backed by $1.8 billion in financing which would lead me to believe the hotel is fully financed.
  18. While 8,170 comments out of the 7 million people in the metro is not a lot, Commissioner Bugg did say this was a record for public engagement for TxDOT. So this project will have the most representation by the community it's in of any TxDOT project.
  19. Houston Business Journal says the first half of this will start in Q4 of this year. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2021/08/31/tmc3-research-campus-begins-construction.html
  20. Hopefully A&M’s EnMed program will help with the robotics and medical devices side of that.
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