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  1. Large future development coming near the corner of S. College and University Drive
  2. In the Facebook group "You Know You're From Bryan/College Station When....." John Ellisor posted a picture of the 9/5-6/2023 demolition (and also of the late 1970's construction) of the former Tinsley's building on Villa Maria near Texas Ave. In the comments of that post, the daughter of the landlord of another location of Tinsley's in Bryan stated it was (at least at one time) at the intersection of 20th and Texas Ave.
  3. The former Bryan Municipal Golf Course is in the process of a major redevelopment. Big Shots Golf & Entertainment has already opened on the site, a large multi-purpose event center is under construction, and now this: Bryan City Council Approves Another Entertainment Center At Midtown Park "What is being called “Schulman’s Movie Bowl Grille” will have technology advanced auditoriums accommodating movies, e-sports, and conference space." full article: https://wtaw.com/bryan-city-council-approves-another-entertainment-center-at-midtown-park/
  4. BigShots Aggieland to come to Travis Bryan Midtown Park (KAGS) BigShots Aggieland (City of Bryan video)
  5. Midtown plan released on 2/17/2020 Bryan Midtown Plan
  6. Brazos County Commissioners Learn About $250 Million Dollar High Rise Condo Development Click HERE for PDF brochure about Innovation Towers.
  7. Thanks for the update. Slowly but surely... Current: Bryan Bryan Premiere 15 + IMAX: 2006-present, Opened as a 16 screen theater, one was converted to IMAX around 2013. Queen Theatre: Early 1900's - mid-70's; 2018-present. Originally opened as the Exchange Hotel, late 1800s, later housing theaters under various names including the Princess and the Crystal, and survived at least one film room fire in 1914. According to current website, the name "Queen Theatre" was officially given to the building in 1914. Purchased by Schulman in 1926. Torn down and rebuilt in art deco style in 1939. Facade restored in 2011, interior renovated and reopened 2016-17 as offices/meeting spaces (including the Downtown Bryan Association). The Queen Theatre officially reopened May 4, 2018 as a single screen film house and performance venue. College Station Cinemark Movies 18 & XD: 1993-present, opened as a 16 screen theater "Hollywood USA", converted to stadium seating and added two theaters 2003-2004, converted to all recliner seating 2016-17. Star Cinema Grill: 2018-present. Century Square. Alternate use: Bryan Dixie Theatre: older than 1913 - 197?, purchased by Schulman in 1926. Partially burned by fire built by vagrant in 1983. In the early 90's, became Stafford Opera House, then for about 1995-1998 it reverted back to the Dixie Theatre name, later known as The Venue in mid-2000's. July 2008-201? known as Stafford-Main Street. Sold and after renovations operates as the Grand Stafford Theater, a live music venue. Palace Theater: 1928 - 1985, 1987 - present as an open air venue. Originally Bryan City Hall. Manor East III: November 7, 1973 - 1994, large theater still in use by The Theatre Company, in the Tejas Center. Schulman 6: 197? - 1995, 1997 - 2002(as College Park 6), now Blinn College classrooms. College Station Campus Theater: 1940 - mid 80's; vacant until converted to club Shadow Canyon, then Midnight Rodeo, Daisy Dukes, now Shiner Park. Cineplex III: 1980(?) - 1996, where Harry's/Piranha Fitness Studio is now; was a Lazer Tag briefly after theater closed. Parkway Theater, Park Place III(?): 1984(?) - 1992, became a few clubs/pool halls, then bought and remodeled by a church. Post Oak 3 (Plitt, then Cineplex Odeon): 1984-2000, later mall location of Rockie's. Demolished/Redeveloped: Bryan Skyway Drive-In: opened prior to 1948 - 1967, site of current Tejas Center Skyway Twin Drive-In: 1967 - mid 1985, was located in area behind the future Schulman 6 (current Blinn College/St.Joseph Rehab parking areas). College Station Circle Drive-In: at least by 1952 - ?, NW corner of University and College Ave.
  8. This got dropped in favor of Blinn joining A&M at the Rellis campus, which already has a number of new buildings. http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/35537-texas-am-system-transforms-riverside-campus-to-rellis/
  9. The City of Bryan needs to align at least two crossings of Texas Ave. between Rosemary and Villa Maria. The way the light cycles are now with akward crossings at Sulpher Springs/Eagle Pass, North/Broodmoor, Hensel/Inwood makes for less efficient east-west traffic and longer waits on Texas. College Ave is in a better position for continued development. It's already happening, just slowly.
  10. Bryan to review consultant proposals for Midtown Area Plan By Clay Falls | Posted: Fri 6:20 PM, Jun 15, 2018 | Updated: Fri 6:43 PM, Jun 15, 2018 Companies who want to take part in what the area might look like for the next 30 years were asked to send in proposals to the city. The Midtown area stretches around two square miles from Downtown to Northgate. With the help of residents and consultants, the city is looking to the area's future. Read more: http://www.kbtx.com/content/news/Bryan-to-review-consultant-proposals-for-Midtown-Area-plan-485710431.html
  11. Ten year update can be summed up as: AgShacks takeover some established neighborhoods, a "SuperPark" is in the works for the old Muni site, and finally, a study is being done for the "potential" of this area of town, branded as Midtown. The area has had loads of potential for a while, it's nice that decision makers have begun taking steps to help the area redevelop in a more organized manor.
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