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  1. nobody has a problem with building an IT/data center, which by the way, was just recently proposed....everybody HAS a problem with the way UT handled the land purchase...arrogance, must be nice having PUF moneyz
  2. MexAmerican_Moose


    I actually don't have a problem with UT building a campus in Houston, its a good thing for the city and competition for UH. I do have a problem with the current system of higher education funding in the state of Texas; so backwards.
  3. MexAmerican_Moose


    You're a smart person, I don't need to explain to you whether the PUF is fair or not, you already know the answer. You're right, I am happy with my decision, it was pretty easy. UH offered me a full engineering scholarship without PUF money whereas UT and A&M didn't. That's pretty impressive. Imagine what they could do for other minority/low income students in the greater Houston area with increased state funds. One more point. This is the perfect opportunity for UH and its alumni to start "flexing" its growing political muscle. Long gone are the days of UH being a pushover/beta/not doing anything. I noticed it during my undergrad years. There is a renewed sense of pride on Cullen Blvd. It might be a combination of increased academic standards and having a good football team; i'm not sure. But it is having a major effect on this new generation of Coogs.
  4. MexAmerican_Moose


    i think most alumni are upset at the current funding of higher education in Texas...it seems pretty unfair
  5. MexAmerican_Moose


    same here, picked UH Engineering....doing pretty good for myself now
  6. looks pretty good for those of us that have been holding off on buying a house
  7. MexAmerican_Moose


    because of the entitled attitude
  8. he's saying the right things...hopefully they do the right thing...
  9. i grew up in the apartments behind that fiesta...that lot has been empty for many years
  10. tired of the high united prices to mexico city, its only a 2 hr trip...will be switching to SW for sure
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