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  1. I wonder why it turns onto Blodgett if they aren't going to put a station on it?
  2. I don't think its just downtown commuters, it's an affordable area right next to the heights and a lot of great areas so of course demand is high regardless. This area is really cut off in a bad way due to the railroad, future hardy extension and I think it would benefit from having another access point. Main which is the other way to downtown floods badly and is only one lane. EDIT: I think this would allow portions of Main to be made more pedestrian friendly since it has great infrastructure to work in that direction also.
  3. The dealerships they have been opening in Brazil recently have this new design as well, this one opened recently in Brasilia. New one in Fortaleza:
  4. Ironically by delaying this project, Houston might not fill it's quota for affordable housing and will get another big fine from the federal government. It's a genuine issue but I wonder if its worth it long term.
  5. Investing that much in a garage is actually a very strong indicator that they plan to build everything. This is a academic innovation district, not an urban planning nightmare experiment as you are describing. I would be much more inclined to support your vision if Houston was building heavy rail but without that I think destroying road capacity is a huge negative. Plus everything you mentioned is the City's responsibility and not Rice's.
  6. I don't know if that's necessarily true, I used to go to Wild Oats a lot and he was frequently there actively managing so seems a bit out of character to me. This was maybe just a few months ago
  7. It's a very large project and this garage will serve multiple buildings, and keep in mind the project is replacing what were literally 4-5 blocks of asphalted parking previously. Traffic is not bad in this area nor delays so what exactly are you complaining about? Overall Ion will lead to more people using the light rail and once it becomes convenient enough people will take it instead of paying higher fees for parking etc.
  8. I think taking out that street would really change the feeling and view of the Renzo Piano building in a negative way. It's designed perfectly to fit in its context as is. The Menil's vision was to integrate their projects into the existing neighborhood, not create a monumental campus. I do think the street could be made to look a lot nicer though...
  9. Just like the structure it replaced? Was a bar with a sea of concrete in front.
  10. I like the idea of a the BRT, I just think it really should be an underpass here to avoid a large dark area that probably won't be maintained and won't be so ugly on the eye.
  11. You are right, Sweden actually gets almost all of its energy from nuclear and dams which would never happen here .. They have 14 reactors for 10 million people and I think we have 4 for 29 million. Again it's a policy issues where electric cars are being promoted yet there isn't enough funding to update the electric grid to support it (on top of the massive population growth here I'm assuming) Volvo has been Chinese for for over a decade now so I would not tie the two so closely together. I guess the main issue is that the government at federal, state, and local levels has no common direction and as a result everything is being done poorly. Houston will never have density to warrant real public transportation at the rate we are going due to parking minimums and ridiculous setbacks. Most of the old buildings people like would be illegal to build under current building setback codes, especially after Ashby where the setback is super high against residential structures for tall buildings. I guess I don't disagree with your vision but more about how it's totally incompatible with local regulations in their current state. It's like forcing puzzle pieces together violently, so until other factors change I think heavy emphasis on public transport is not the best use of funds instead of say education etc.
  12. Drive through the area, it's a nice boulevard with old trees in the middle. If you owned a historic house on said boulevard would you want a bus highway elevated in front of your house? Not to mention it will probably become a giant homeless camp with the current state of the city.
  13. What difference does an electric car make if the electricity still comes from a coal power plant? Volvo says emissions from making EVs can be 70% higher than petrol models - and claims it can take up to 9 YEARS of driving before they become greener assuming you buy from a green provider. Volvo claims carbon-intensive production for battery and steel makes its C40 EV more polluting to manufacture than an XC40 with a petrol engine. None of the science matches your "trend" but it sounds cool so it's what is being done. Doesn't electrification support the argument for more roads then as it shows personal vehicles aren't going anywhere?
  14. This forum is honesty crazy with people literally praying for the demise of city's backbone industry. You will go crazy trying to tell them they are wrong when all the data shows people have a preference for cars and that energy transitions take a long time .. Every city they list as ideal is so expensive people can't afford to have kids there or have lower social mobility than here.
  15. I was at first also but I think its better long term. I think RH is better where it is. It's much more accessible there to their "typical" customer and it should halt the decline of Highland Village to build a new flagship. I think Autry Park will have no problem finding more exciting tenants .
  16. I was shopping at Restoration Hardware over the weekend and the lady said they are moving indeed and adding a restaurant so I guess that is still alive as well.
  17. I drive past it yesterday and it had a banner for a (new?) chruch on both corners of the property. Not sure if it's just a temporary use.
  18. I highly doubt this is going to cost the same as St.Jose whish is an old refurbished motel...
  19. I think this garage is expected to serve the several large buildings they want to build around it so it makes sense to me I feel. I don't think metro rail is extensive enough yet to say the average person who works there can get around on it exclusively.
  20. It has always been apartments and god knows this tower is better than an ugly garage "wrap" apartment complex like they build in most places. If it was purely about the money building that would have been much less headache for them and probably been pretty profitable.
  21. The timeline for this project is so long it's totally possible/feasible those are "temporary" and there for 10 + years.
  22. I never imagined HAIF would ever be NIMBY central lol. It's totally normal to have highrises with homes in most places in the world. Traffic is not bad on Bissonnet/Sunset Blvd. It's transit rich and will be a great addition. My parents live around the corner so I frequent the area. People here want the benefits of density without any actual density lol.
  23. Does anyone else have a problem with how crappy some of the city's "safety" interventions look? The way they just build curbs looks horrible and I think people would be more receptive if it did not look so bad. The one they did by Rice drives me crazy and the space has accumulated a lot of tree waste since now it cannot be cleaned easily. In other cities they tend to raise the area and landscape it so it actually looks better than before.
  24. This area is pretty rough right now so I would totally be happy with a "Medical Center North". You make this area sound like some elegant area of Back Bay or something. The stretch between here and the Ion is literally abandoned buildings, needles, and a flower shop.
  25. Since this is right before a curve, I think it will have a huge presence which will give a much more urban look to this part of the freeway.
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