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  1. Bunker Hills - Proposed Residential High-Rise; Office Tower

    As a whole I love Memorial City. Individually each building is atrocious. Like literal extensions of the Katy freeway columns manifested into skyscrapers.
  2. Play nicely kids. I'm not impressed but also not disappointed. It's kind of, blah. It's a great filler.
  3. In and Out

    Whoops, guess I missed a digit when looking on google maps.
  4. In and Out

    Merged x 3.
  5. Sage Park at 2121 Sage

    Odd location for a skyscraper, but staying true to Houston's style. Without revealing names can you name a source for the rumor?
  6. Surprised no one has shared this yet. Click2Houston Looks like it's to settle an absurd amount of Admin Fees for not paying tolls.
  7. Methodist Hospital North Campus Expansion, 22-floors

    I visit the better half at Methodist for lunch occasionally, the buzz around lunch time is crazy. Main has the LR stations with flower boxes and the second floor sky lobbies & crosswalks are crowded. Yes the majority of the eateries & stores are indoors but the street can be almost as vibrant. Instead of suits and dresses it's scrubs and lab coats.
  8. The Kirby Collection by Thor Equities

    Seriously, a wonderful addition. It actually made me smile driving north on Kirby from 59. I hope the city can maintain the roads and intersections, felt like I was visiting Houston for the first time.
  9. Hardy Yards Development

    I think the clock tower killed any hopes of a full scale multi-use development. Best we can hope for are more wraps/townhomes and no big box/strip centers.
  10. 5424 Katy Freeway: New Office Building

    Yes, but when you're competing with gas stations, townhome farms, and storage facilities, its the belle of the ball.
  11. GreenStreet Redevelopment + 21-Story Hotel Alessandra

    At least the pool looks bigger than the excuse Sorella has. Edit: The building kind of fits the early 2000's style of the whole development. Not an insult.
  12. Why Modern Architecture Sucks

    Alright guys & gals... The topic is moved. Lockmat, seriously only 1:40 in and what had the potential to discuss an opinion has already stated the blame on social justice warriors. IMHO, what a crock of garbage. First of all, modern architecture and even post modern can provide some wonderful & world class pieces. Technology has changed the game. Craftsmanship is actually making a resurgence and you see older styles "come back" in new construction & rehab. That has nothing to do with that builder's political opinion on minorities or sexism. Not all previous styles are without "bad pieces" either. I don't like the narrative of the video because it is propaganda. However, you've posted a few 9/11 conspiracies before. You can't expect to drop a piece of misinformation and expect people to discuss only the architecture aspect when it's clearly not about the architecture. It's placing architecture into a narrative that fits the viewpoint already. Aka Propaganda. As long as everyone can discuss this as adults without name calling the topic will remain open in "way off topic". Edit: Okay Lockmat, the second video is much more civil and interesting. Although it's showing it's age discussing peak oil. And things have begun to turn around but not completely. If you take out the first video I'll delete all the political comments and move it back to the architecture sub forum.
  13. The Allen: Allen Pkwy/Gillette Mixed Use 6 acres

    Check out the 3D view on their website, it looks closer to AIG in Height.
  14. Embassy Suites West, 16-Stories, Katy Freeway

    I don't know which will be worse, this or the ZaZa?
  15. Malicious mobile scripts

    Like I said I've reported it to Admin with a screenshot. Suggest everyone does the same (took several tries). I feel the frustration as a mobile user.