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  1. Like I said I've reported it to Admin with a screenshot. Suggest everyone does the same (took several tries). I feel the frustration as a mobile user.
  2. There's a photo sub-forum below "going up" on the main page. You could also post them in the Medical Center sub-forum. But here is good too!
  3. I reported the ads to Admin already. They seem to have stopped. I enjoy the investigative work. Shame we haven't found renderings yet.
  4. Moved to Katy. Also the link doesn't work, tried checking newer projects but didn't see anything new?
  5. Let's take it over easy on the jokes...
  6. Drove on 45 and saw scaffolding all along the north side of the building. Anyone have a scoop?
  7. This project along with the one on Voss have been under construction for the longest time. I wonder what is$ues they may be facing?
  8. The real atrocity is limestone. Could have kept it black and white to blend in with the Art Deco awning & store facades. When will the obsession of beige be a thing of the past?
  9. Ontop of a mid priced meal is incorporating the original building. Win/win.
  10. I'm kind of relieved this isn't pushing through. While it wasn't a bad looking tower, my hopes for high rises in this area should be more visually appealing.
  11. I like the tower, color scheme, and base. What I don't like is that the beige stone Americas building and the white Barnes & Noble don't really go along with this.
  12. Just what choo choo moving sushi needs, a kick in the pants.
  13. While it stinks to potentially have a vacant "block" of space in Downtown, the market usually absorbs it in due time. Bank of America will get filled up again, and whatever company that moves will too.
  14. Edit: Those apartments struggle to capture retail. Karate studio closed and haven't been able to lease the corner and most visible spot. Wine Bar next door shut down, Greek Pita place has been "coming soon" for months. I think there's only a Subway and ER place. Maybe it has to do with the location & visibility. Wish this location better luck.
  15. I'm glad it's going up on this side of town, should liven up the park a bit. Plus the St. Anthony's rooftop bar will have a spectacular view of it.