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  1. I agree. Towers pop up any and everywhere in Houston. The chance that this are of midtown getting some towers is more likely than not
  2. Although the buildings are not exceptional the sky houses have done wonders for the area
  3. The gates to the garage had been taken off for days. But it read secured again Friday. I saw some teenagers walking up the ramp into the garage one morning but as soon as they turned the corner into the garage they ran out
  4. I walk during my lunch breaks and I can assure the canopies make a world of difference. Trees do too. Instead of archaic rules that hinder pedestrian development they should be encouraging developers to do this. Heck they should be giving these guys a tax break instead of making them beg for a variance. The big drawback I see with canopies are people sleeping underneath them and defecating and urinating right where they sleep. But if this project is successful there will be a flood of activity around it and that would limit chances of vagrants fouling up the sidewalk
  5. I don't think this was an office. I think that used to be a bath house.
  6. Can't believe all the celebration at the potential loss of retail. When I lived in the area I used the Fiesta quite frequently to pick up a few things. What irks me is that huge surface lot between the Sears and the Fiesta and the underutilised green space around Wheeler Station. The area on both sides of the highway seem poorly used. A Ventana sized complex on that surface lot between Sears and Fiesta might help out the area a lot.
  7. Although building materials are similar, these buildings seen disjointed to me. Looks more business park to me than university. Why is it so sparse between building? Come on UHD. Stop throwing up classroom and engage the outdoors.
  8. I think we are going off of two different definitions of TMC. I think you may be going off what we traditionally considered TMC (that area between Holcome and Hermann park. When I think of TMC I now extend that definition all the way down to the women's center and all the way east to the Veterans complex. I think housing in that triangle made by the original TMC area, the women's hospital and the Veterans complex would work. Apart from MD Anderson that are between fanning, OST, Braeswood and Cambridge is basically empty. Lots of room for development and would link the fragments of TMC.
  9. Maybe a little too dense. They need to start building taller. I worked in the med center in the early 2000s and back then I appreciated the connectivity, but there were gaps. Now it's crazy how much in fill has taken place. Even on some green space. If there were residential components ingrained in TMC it would be the most urban feeling area of Houston. I can imagine TMC being twice the size by now if residential was part of the deal from the start.
  10. Target site= the new super block of the future.
  11. This is an awesome view.
  12. It troubled me to lose the Houston club building for a garage. It also troubled me to lose the chronicle building for a garage. But if a tower follows the garage on the chronicle site as quickly as this one followed then I'm glad they did not hold off demolition of the chronicle buildings.
  13. This one really turned out nice. Hopefully he gets lots of neighbors the next Cycle. We added 6 new residential buildings to HH. Would be great if we doubled the current number by adding 7 more next cycle. Fill up those lots on Main and Bell. That's 3 surface lots. They did soil testing for the one on main and Jefferson two years ago. Hopefully the two Camden lots get started soon. And still dreaming of a Days Inn implosion and rebuild to residential. Throw in that park they been talking about southern downtown will have new life.
  14. That is beautiful. Two things downtown is severely lacking. Windows and lights. These storefronts make so much of a difference in terms of warmth. These blanks walls on all these buildings give disgustingly that cold, sterile, soul-less feel
  15. Downtown foot traffic has picked up, while the homeless population in that spot has gone down. There is still no big draw to Main Street Square though. Forever 21 is ok, but not enough. The Park Shops and Greenstreet are too inward facing. As far as department stores go are they still popular? I'm not sure what it's going to take to Jumpstart retail but I think it has to be visual. People need to be able to see in. I think low end retail would work wonders here for now. Lower end than even Macy's. With the Galleria, ROD, Highland Village, River Oaks and Rice Village all in close proximity I don't see much high end coming to downtown soon. Don't laugh but I would put in Ross, Marshalls, Target, a general goods store, a Houston souvenir shop, A sports merchandise shop, a smoke shop, Petsmart, expand that CVS, bring in an urban version of Specs, throw in some restaurants, bars and about a dozen lower end retailers such as Rainbow, Old Navy, Bath and Body works, Lids, Sephora. That will keep the nearby residents interested. Once the crowds become regular we can step up the game. I do think we may need something like a Williams Sonoma soon. Something with home goods