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  1. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    I agree. They should rename the tower "Pioneer". The scale of the project is also massive. They really squandered the super block. That huge setback on McGowen... This project is two and a half blocks plus Drew. Are they also going to make use if Dennis? Both Drew and Dennis are only two blocks long. Who owns that big grass lot on Fannin and Drew in front of that big mural? A garden/cafe would be awesome right there
  2. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    Between McGowan and Alabama is still dead even with many improvements around Elgin. These new residentials should help with pedestrian activity, restaurants and retail
  3. Aspen, Student Housing Complex at MLK & OST

    I saw they have shuttles to and from this complex and the university
  4. Texas Southern University Developments and Updates

    I love all these educational investments.
  5. Post Office Site Mixed-Use Redevelopment

    If I were them I would raise the ground level on this lot by at least 3 feet
  6. Gulf would have been cute in gold
  7. Aspen, Student Housing Complex at MLK & OST

    I ended waiting for an Uber at the train station letter one night at this corner. It didn't seem that sketchy to me. Doesn't UH also own that wooded lot across OST to the North? I seem to remember the west side of campus being notoriously sketchy 10 years ago. But that hasn't stopped a lot of development along Scott including tons of retail, sports venues and new housing at Scott and Elgin. This isn't UT but the only way for this area to progress is brave pioneers to stick thier toe in and let the rest of us know that it is ok to jump in. If this was around when I was at UH I would not mind staying there at all.
  8. Flooding in Downtown from Hurricane Harvey

    I was not arguing for denser development, I was arguing against the assertion that sprawl mitigates flooding. The poster I responded to stated that it was good that we are so spread out Because it would have been worse if we were compact. I am asserting the opposite. Reducing the area of surface absorption and increase concrete area just increases water levels down stream. I bet you many shopping strips with seas of parking was once natural retention ponds. With all of these areas paved over the water just pools and drifts to the south. Neither sprawl not high density areas improve the flooding conditions of an area, but sprawl sure does make it worse.
  9. Flooding in Downtown from Hurricane Harvey

    Who said that high density development would be worse? It's the miles and miles of low density developments that are making it harder for the city to deal with excess water. And surface lots do not help drainage. They just pass water through. Concentrating development in a small area would leave surrounding areas open for surface absorption and having a smaller area to with with means that the area requiring drains would not be miles and miles. Much easier to build drains for 610 area than the entire grand parkway catchment area
  10. Alley Theater Renovation

    I have been saying we need a central plaza for years, but wouldn't the new build option be super expensive in the short term? It may save money in the long run by not having to rebuild every few months, but people hate to pay for things up front. I do love the theatre district but this flooding has me thinking. Wasn't the River Walk idea supposed to mitigate flooding? It looks like the entire drainage system in Houston needs work. Retention ponds seem like such an antiquated fix to me
  11. Greenspoint Mall Under Contract to be Redeveloped to Mixed-Use

    1. I see no need to connect Benmar and 45. Especially with an open parking lot you can simply drive through. Extending Benmar to me just seems like creating a speed hazard that does not improve the area. 2. When it was cool outside I would walk from Imperial valley to the Walmart And Fiesta on West road, or the Kroger (now closed) and 99c only on greens. A Walmart that close would probably not survive. It's less than 2 miles away from another Walmart with two more fairly close on 1960. There is also Joe Vs down on 45 and a 4th Walmart on Airline. 3. I agree with the trees and greenery. Crossing that huge parking lot is brutal. But your benmar plan would hurt the jogging trail idea. There are miles and miles of jogging trail along the bayou and people jog along the former Exxon complex and along imperial valley. If they could extend that to the mall that would be great. 4. I am not sure if the market is there for more wraps right now. The tax day flood decimated occupancy in the area with many residents fleeing to Ella. The area is already saturated with wraps. Not sure about leasing in the Exxon buildings so I don't know if there is a market for office either. Keeping it retail with some special draw would be the best bet for now as the area isn't currently lacking in residential, grocery, office or hotel.
  12. City Place Memorial Park, 160 Birdsall St.

    It looks nice. More density in the loop I guess. Still over all the ultra luxury tho. I get more excited with new construction over tear down and reconstruction. Housing prices have risen too rapidly. We need tomorrows luxury development to knock down prices of yesterday's luxury not knock down the actual structures
  13. This looks like it will be transformative for the area.
  14. Parc at Midtown

    Looks like they are turning out even worse than the rendering