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  1. That is beautiful. Two things downtown is severely lacking. Windows and lights. These storefronts make so much of a difference in terms of warmth. These blanks walls on all these buildings give disgustingly that cold, sterile, soul-less feel
  2. Downtown foot traffic has picked up, while the homeless population in that spot has gone down. There is still no big draw to Main Street Square though. Forever 21 is ok, but not enough. The Park Shops and Greenstreet are too inward facing. As far as department stores go are they still popular? I'm not sure what it's going to take to Jumpstart retail but I think it has to be visual. People need to be able to see in. I think low end retail would work wonders here for now. Lower end than even Macy's. With the Galleria, ROD, Highland Village, River Oaks and Rice Village all in close proximity I don't see much high end coming to downtown soon. Don't laugh but I would put in Ross, Marshalls, Target, a general goods store, a Houston souvenir shop, A sports merchandise shop, a smoke shop, Petsmart, expand that CVS, bring in an urban version of Specs, throw in some restaurants, bars and about a dozen lower end retailers such as Rainbow, Old Navy, Bath and Body works, Lids, Sephora. That will keep the nearby residents interested. Once the crowds become regular we can step up the game. I do think we may need something like a Williams Sonoma soon. Something with home goods
  3. Never paid much attention to this building before. Is kinda cool looking.
  4. I think "Allowing extraordinary opportunities to turn into painfully unremarkable cityscapes" is a more fitting motto.
  5. I understand the "new and upgraded easier to sell" mantra but I don't get " the building was falling apart" mantra. Buildings are falling apart all over the world, but people do remodel buildings in far worse shape. That building can't have been in worse shape than the Days in or even Central Square or the federal building. The federal building was leaking water for years. The other two were taken over by homeless and plagued worth filth and fire. I hate the falling apart excuse. Just say what it is. The owner wanted commercial and what sells right now for commercial is easier to accomplish with new construction.
  6. I refer to it as both of those. Whataburger Tower And Batman Building
  7. I walked by this today along McGowen and just realists how huge of a set back the apartment is on that side. That thing must be 50 ft. What are they going to do with that space? You can fit another park on that spot.
  8. He gets it^^^ Was hoping for a reliever park to help discover green stay green. But this doesn't seem like its the space I imagined. Not going on aesthetics so don't care about finished or not. I'm going on function. Market square is an aesthetic plus for the city even if it is small, but with a lot this size I was hoping for both an aesthetic plus and a function plus in terms of having a reliever for DG in a more urban setting than BB/ ET parks. I mean you are acting like 1 midtown sized block is an achievement. Are not all midtown blocks about the size of a midtown block. But when you get a space that is 2.5 times the size of a midtown block then alot a 1 block section to park space that isn't really extaordinary. I mean a block park can be replicated on any block. But a 1 block plus park is beyond ordinary.
  9. New Orleans is my favorite US city to visit. The OP is right, Mardi Gras is a lot more packed than July 4th but it is usually much cooler so more tolerable. I have vids just of the trash generated by mardi gras but thankfully have not encountered poop on the street. Savannah is one of my favorite cities but no where near comparable to Nola in terms of history, culture or fun in general. Oh and the fid on NOLA for me was rarely a miss. Almost everything I tried was a hit. Even the fast food. Best burger I had was one at a place called City Diner. It was called a cajun burger. The patty was stuffed with andouille sausage.
  10. They do that in many other cities. Don't know why some act like NOTHING can be done to preserve some architectural history or that there is no value in spending more to building anything nice.
  11. It's this park going to have enough space?
  12. I was walking passed the Exxon building at about 6:30 one morning and looked up and that building looked so charming, so comforting, so Houston. I will be sad when it is altered. It looks so good when the sun is going down with the Enron buildings in the background. The alterations will make this building look so normal. So nondescript, so anywheresville. This building, Heritage Plaza, BOA, Continental/ Chevron, Wells Fargo all remind me of Houston.
  13. My, auto complete typed the rest of the word. But whatever that building was used for was besides the point. Just hoping that area was developed more
  14. Oh my gosh, we got two residential gems downtown this passed cycle. And both in Market Square. I hope next cycle we get even more gems that are as sensitive to theor surroundings as these two.
  15. The church just looks odd to me from the outside.