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  1. 1803 Pease

    Downtown's edge is fluid. Being a pioneer in an up and coming area is sometimes a huge payoff. With the Hamilton, Camden's two residential, Allied, 1891 San Jacinto, and a booming east downtown this place might have a quickly increasing built in client base.
  2. 40-story High-Rise for Block 98, Behind Hess Tower

    I hope you are right. Yes, this is a good location but being in a good location does not preclude building ugly structures. Think of the Homeward Suites/Hampton inn nearby. Or that performing arts school being built nearby. Think of those two hedious garages built at the train stop across from the star or the huge monstrosity built north of Market Square. If the price is right people definitely would choose to stay there over the others you mentioned. Budget trumps aesthetics when income is a factor.
  3. UT MD Anderson Cancer Center East Campus

    Points for density improvements. This is a huge undeveloped plot between TMC and 288. I highly prefer developing undeveloped plots before imploding derelict buildings to rebuild on. That's one of ( not the only ) the reasons why the density of buildings in TMC is higher than anywhere else in Texas. TMC and M D Anderson both are Houston gems
  4. 40-story High-Rise for Block 98, Behind Hess Tower

    Nothing against TC. It's just that the colors, materials and design are all overplayed and tired. I fear any design that takes me back to the Days Inn/ Holiday Inn/ Heaven on Earth Hell Hole and I get a feeling that this will look like an updated version of that building. And big time developers do have screwups.
  5. Development List for Buildings in Houston - March, 2014

    I'm hoping to see some brand new proposals soon as quite a few of the buildings proposed in the last building cycle has been built/ under construction. The market isn't back yet for office and we have had so many wonderful conversions to hotel I think we due for some more residential towers as the Discovery Green and Root Square towers are getting off the ground the proposed list is getting slim.
  6. 40-story High-Rise for Block 98, Behind Hess Tower

    The renderings make it look just as tall as OPP. I like the sleek lines and the interplay of colors, but I have a sinking feeling the finished product is not going to be as nice. Oh well, at least it obscures that rather plain looking garage
  7. I like the new rendering. Much more welcoming look
  8. Tanglewood Medical: N Wynden Dr @ South Post Oak Ln

    Hate it. The type of architecture I want to see in Houston are ones that interact more with their surroundings. this has very little ground floor interaction. Really hate that long stretch of wall on the bttm floors on the southern side
  9. Parking Garage to be built next to the Le Meridian

    DART is very different from The Houston or Denver systems. Houston and Denver built their systems to cater to areas of expected activity (universities, downtown, parks, medical centers, planned development, Ect. DART on the otherhand overbuilt too quickly (because of DART member suburb squabbling)to areas they HOPED would develop. Dallas built Rail stops that were next to fields. Dallas kinda built a hybrid commuter line using light rail. It may take a much longer time but Dallas numbers may skyrocket I when these areas actually start to develop.
  10. Midtown Sears

    The corridor is intended for many small start ups. I only threw out 5m SQ feet in relation to the Amazon bid. Was just highlighting that the bid need not have included the KBR site as this Wheeler site or the former Exxon site has adequate room. Saying this however, a tech corridor from Wheeler to Exxon anchored by a tenant the size of Amazon would be transformative architecturally but I don't know how the smaller start ups would survive the competition.
  11. Parking Garage to be built next to the Le Meridian

    I use this platform to catching the purple line to UH. It's a fairly busy platform. Maybe the busiest on the Purple/Green lines. Kinda odd to build two parking garages on a train stop next to an up and coming area. There are usually homeless people sitting on the platform but I have seen cops on multiple occasions ask them to move if they don't have rail tickets. I have seen piss on the platform at DT transit center and HCC/ Ensemble stations and a woman piss at the platform on McGowan. So this particular station did not generate filth, it's just that the are a lot of filthy people out there. Rusk looks far better than it did just a few years ago with hundreds of millions of infrastructure improvements, it is far more active than it used to be. It just seems hard for me to believe that such an improved area surrounded by so many new residences and hotel rooms that the best use fit that site is two parking garages. I would think that that site would be prime for mixed use. Rush hour at Rusk and Fannin is a clustered mess, exiting this thing at 5 will be a pain. I do is much rather park outside downtown and ride the rail in. This city's traffic woes are going to get worse before it gets better. 102IAH have you ever tried going from one end of downtown to the other during rush hour in a car and then tried it on the Red Line? I have sat on traffic downtown for over half an hour trying to get out. The train makes it through in less than 10 minutes. I don't know about you but it's Sooooooo much more convenient. To be honest parking downtown is not attractive to me in the least.
  12. Midtown Sears

    There is enough space at both the Sears site and the Exxon location to each become a tech cluster. the KBR site is unnecessary. Exxon alone is what 1M SQ feet? Then there are about 4.5 empty lots surrounding it. You can easily house 5M sqfeet there alone. The Sears site is 9 acres not counting the big grassy triangle and the site mentioned in the OP that is fenced off. That area can easily house another 5M SQ feet. Those two sites alone has massive potential, KBR is overkill. I think people keep bringing KBR up because it is huge, it is there, we want it to be utilized, but we don't know what to do with it. I rather see it as something that utilises it as a whole (college campus, Theme park, Aquarium) than see it forced into some corridor worse: subdivide it like Hardy Yards.
  13. Australian Developer Planning Three High-Rises for Midtown

    This thing will have prime views. Pick your view: Ship Channel, Downtown, 4thward/ Montrose, uptown, Kirby, museum District, TMC.
  14. Midtown Sears

    I like all three sites. But how exactly is that a corridor? I love the idea behind it and it's catalysts like this that midtown needs to show it's true potential, but what links the three sites? Would be interesting to see what sort of link there was in the proposal. If there is none then I can see why the proposal failed to crack the top 20. I do wish that a tech corridor develops in midtown. And I do hope that that Exxon building can be repurposed as is. But three disjointed sites is not much of a corridor. It's like calling St Thomas, TSU and UH a university corridor because they are all on Wheeler/ Richmond. I can see linking then by rail and calling the line the University Line, but what makes it a corridor?
  15. Camden Conte: 21-Stories x2 (2 Phases) - Downtown

    I love our tunnels. I don't think the lack of signage helps though. It's bad enough that the restaurants are below ground but with no signs of you don't know they are there then... I would not discourage new tunnel access but I would definitely discourage new retail in tunnels. The activity underground is crazy. I think if the downtown worker mole people activity was visible on the surface that would entice non mole people to hang around downtown more. The surface is overrun by vagrants. Not until the mole people dilute the visibility of the vagrants will the non mole people enter the maze. New Orleans for example had tons of homeless in their business district. But they are less noticeable because there are so many workers on the street. And signs. We need signs. It's so freaking hard giving people directions to Whataburger. It shouldn't be so hard. You can hardly find a seat in that thing during lunch hour. They would make a killing with a street location in that big Whataburger building on 609 main