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The Heron Museum District: Multifamily High-Rise At 4343 Woodhead St.


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The fact that they are loading up on the gravel tells me they are going to be using Vibro Stone Columns method of piers. Company I once worked for was building above ground tanks and the tank farm paid another contractor to use this method for piers before we came in to build the tanks. Keller Group, the company contracted to build the foundation here knows how to do this method.




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I asked this guy walking some questions about the building, he appeared to be the boss.

He confirmed it will be 12 stories, will get a tower crane that will be located where they are filling this hole with rebar and the parking garage will be a built-in-place using the tower crane and not a precast.

Edit: I saw the logo on his cap for the company building this but by the time I got home I couldn't remember the name.



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The developers behind the Fairmont Museum District apartments in Montrose could break ground on a new phase later this year at 4343 Woodhead St., a filing shows.

Work on a project called Fairmont Museum District III is slated to begin Sept. 1, according to a document on Texas’ licensing and regulation website.

The scope of work describes it as a 302-unit development with nine stories of apartments above a three-story garage. The leasing office will be on the ground floor, while amenities are planned for the fourth and 12th floors. The filing lists Houston-based Steinberg Dickey Collaborative as the design firm.


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