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California Square: Condominiums At 1004 California St.


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I think this development has been mentioned in the Little Bigs thread....these are going in what is currently a parking lot


Prices seem pretty steep for the size of the units...









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I am dating myself, but Heaven > South Beach!


I am dating myself, but I was trying to remember WTF it was called before South Beach...  :mellow:


A friend once lived in the house on Grant with the balcony overlooking Pacific - now THAT was a show.


Edit:  To be clear, we were not the show; instead, it was laid out before us.  On the balcony, we were pretty much invisible to those below.

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I read their little blurb on the main page, and it got me wondering. A lot of people I've noticed have started calling Montrose 'The Montrose' while it seems silly to me, I've embraced it, because it isn't Montrose any longer, it's something else. Anyway, the way that they write about it, I silently added a The in front of Montrose...




California Square is a gated community of 24 homes in the The Montrose neighborhood of Houston, TX. The community offers a stylish and progressive design at a very reasonable overall price. Offering a compelling opportunity in comparison to renting, California Square features ease of living, a progressive design, urban excitement and a The Montrose address.


heh, sorry, my mind is broken.

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Will people really pay $330 a sq. ft. to live here? My house near the River Oaks Shopping center was almost $100 a sq. ft. cheaper. It's a free-standing house with it's own driveway and brand new.


I keep pestering my realtor buddy to see if any have been sold yet....but haven't heard anything from him...

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  • The title was changed to California Square: Residential At 1004 California St.
  • The title was changed to California Square: Condominiums At 1004 California St.

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