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All in favor of these Trains?


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Apparently these trams are prototypes made by UVZ or Uralvagonzavod which is also the largest tank manufacturer in the world. They are really nice and sleek and very very rub in your face kind of trains which is awesome. They are called the Russian One Tram.

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Russian made train = something I would most certainly be very comfortable riding in and not worrying 1 iota about my personal safety or life.  Never!


An acquaintance of mine lived in Moscow in early 1980's and was supplied with a Lada automobile which was a Soviet built Fiat that looked like the box it came in - nothing stylish about it at all. He jokingly said he doubted the car could go fast enough to actually hurt anyone riding in it; a bit like the cartoons where Wylie Coyote's Acme rocket sled falls to pieces around him and he just slides on his butt across the desert. :)


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