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314 Hotel & Residences On North Post Oak Rd.


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Is this where the old office bldg is or is it part of the park - you know, the old HPD horse stable?

Neither. Adjacent to that nasty "TEXAN" office building and north of the horse stable. Feels like some rich hermit probably owns and offices in that building. Just too bizarre. I've seen Range Rovers, Mercedes, and other nice cars with ones that appear to be rotting in there.

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I think someone needs new stock images of the Galleria >.> That angle makes it look a lot closer than advertised. Not to mention the angle of it all makes the whole thing look completely impossible in terms of the buildings angle lol.

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The skyline backdrop in the Pool Rendering is hilarious.  Williams Tower dropped into the Seattle Skyline.    The Rooftop Pool & Bar area, however, isn't hilarious...It's HOT!


Thanks, I was wondering where the other buildings were from!  I couldn't tell if they were just images of buildings from various other cities or an actual cityscape of one place.


I see the Galleria area skyline from work everyday.  It's nice, but doesn't yet have the urban-core look depicted in the rendering.

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  • The title was changed to 314 Hotel & Residences On North Post Oak Rd.

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