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  1. I had never heard of Halbert Park, so I looked it up. From the Key Map, it appears to be the rear portion of Hamilton JHS. Is that the case? If so, is there no football field there anymore?
  2. Glad you finally posted! I can’t tell you how excited I was when I passed by and saw that big fella. I just knew he was one of them as soon as I caught sight of him. I only remember going to the South Main restaurant once, but passed by it often, I went to the place in Richmond many times, and we saw Williams there on a number of occasions. My granddad knew him pretty well.
  3. I have become quite the fashion plate since moving to Bastrop. I have adopted the
  4. I used to go to Remmert's on 16th just east of Heights. They were good, honest and reasonable.
  5. I just sent you the photo you requested, and I didn't make the connection to this post until it was on its way. Anyway, here it is again:
  6. I remember KPRC being in the Quonset hut on Post Oak just north of Richmond. When the West Loop was built later, you could see the building from the freeway. However, I don
  7. Is the Second Amendment the one about false idols, or taking god
  8. Want to find drive-in locations? Want to see Houston as it was in 1955, and in other years? Want to see how Houston roads evolved from haphazard, segmented lanes into superhighways? Well, do I have a site for you! I have known about the UT Perry-Casta
  9. So, are you saying that Christians stick their noses into everybody else
  10. I have never tried to sway anyone from their beliefs, or to adopt, or accept my own. I can
  11. How about the other document the Washington wrote telling how badly he screwed up and how he made a number of bad decisions? As far as I know, there wasn
  12. Quite a bit of history is hearsay because we hear it the way the historians say it happened, which is not always 100% accurate. Just look at recent history. Politicians will do and say one thing, and then a few years later, they are telling a different version of what happened. Which version is history? I know of countless instances where doctors have revived the dead, made the deaf hear, and even made the blind see. That
  13. Fine Homebuilding had something a year or so ago on this concept. I
  14. Uh, I don't know who that is, but that's not my god.
  15. I just talked with god, and she said she'd take it from here, and if these guys don't behave, she'll just wrath this thread up.
  16. Well, what if thay made the street 6 lanes wide? Maybe that would be enough to take out much of the blight?
  17. I think people confuse god with religion. God is god, and can
  18. Giff was one of my all-time favorites of Houston TV news people. As a sports commentator, I would rank him just behind Bill Ennis as my favorite.
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