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  1. To be honest, I never noticed the trees along Yale Street. Maybe that was because I was so repulsed by some of the ugliness of many of the houses and buildings along that route. If widening Yale could somehow improve those structures, it might be worth the loss of the trees, which can be replaced, you know.
  2. I look at it as an investment. I know smoking may kill me, and it is driving me to bankruptcy, but one of these days I am hoping it will pay off when I get cancer, then sue the bastard tobacco companies for not sufficiently warning me of the dangers of smoking 4 packs a day.
  3. I was going to address this in the thread about science in the classroom, but this seems to be a more appropriate topic to do so. As one who converses with god, I can assure you I don’t think people who claim to do so are crazy. That’s not to say I always believe it when someone makes that claim, especially when some TV evangelist claims god told him I needed to send him money. But if someone truly has “found god”, then I would hope they also found a way to communicate with him, or her. The thing is, though, that not everyone communicates with god in the same way. I suppose there are some who might have interactive discussions with god. Personally, my conversations run along the lines of 20 Questions – I ask her questions that require a yes or no answer, and she answers thusly. Sometimes I get the answer to my question immediately. Sometimes the answer comes days later, or weeks, or months later. But I feel confident she will answer eventually. And I don’t always get the answers in the same manner every time. Sometimes the answer comes to me like a loud voice. Sometimes it comes like a gentle nudge. Sometimes the answer comes from a friend, or relative. And sometimes it comes through the television. Countless times I have asked a question, and within days, I will chance upon a TV program that deals with the issue my question relates to. This may sound even stranger than god suggesting someone build an ark, but many times in the past, god answered my question with a meteor, or “shooting star”. Usually these were questions that weighed heavily on my mind, like if I was making the right decision in a relationship. Once I was driving with a woman I was dating, and we were discussing marriage. We just sort of came to a mutual decision to do the deed, and I said something to the effect, “Good. Let’s do it”. At that very moment, one of the brightest meteors I have ever seen appeared through the front windshield slowly heading in the direction we were heading along the West Loop. The meteor pulsed once, then another time, and then split into two parts just before dying out, and taking about three seconds to do so, which is a long duration for a meteor. But that was my answer from god. I can’t explain it, but I accepted it as such. Here’s the kicker, though. The woman and I had a bit of a blowup sometime after that, but we stayed together. Then we had a second major argument that we couldn’t get past and broke up for good. The sign, the meteor, the answer from god was exactly as the relationship unfolded. I just misunderstood the answer. And thinking back on other “meteoric” situations, it came to me that I had misread many of those answers, too. The point is, even though we get answers from god, we don’t always understand the answer correctly. Finally, and this is curtail, god does not give everyone the same answers, especially about “right or wrong” situations. God has repeatedly made it clear to me that while I am right about a particular thing, it doesn’t necessarily mean those who think differently are wrong. I will consider a situation and come to a decision about how I feel about it, and what I should do about it. I then ask god, “Is my way the right way?” And she so often answers me in the same way, “Yes, your way is the right way, but it’s not the only way.”
  4. I knew a guy who was in a similar situation a few years ago. He found out he had a right to the access, and the right to clear any obstruction (fence, etc.) in the process. However, he had to bear all the costs of the improvement as he could not force others to share it. However, after it was completed, the other owners had the right to use the improved alleyway. A glitch of sorts arose when the guy had rock laid down for the roadbed, which in turn caused areas of standing water along the way. That led to a very sticky situation. However, it was at that point where I lost contact with the guy, so I don
  5. I was going through some recent Bastrop Advertiser newspapers that I hadn
  6. You mean nobody else here shopped at Kaplans?
  7. My top three would be the 1900 Galveston Storm and Spindletop for reasons already stated. But one overlooked milestone was when Jesse Jones decided to make Houston his home. I was going to specify his bringing the 1928 Democratic National Convention to Houston. People today don
  8. It may have to do with who owns the property.Home Depot had a store in Austin on I-35 between 290 and 183. The illegals there would not hesitate to approach vehicles even when the driver gave no indication of interest in them. This happened to me nearly every time I went there. Home Depot was powerless to stop them. The new HD opened recently on I-35 at 51st at the new mall area, and not a single day worker can be found. I was told HD owns the new location, but didn
  9. After posting this, I uncovered more ants, and I was prepared for them. I got some in a jar and took them to Home Depot. By consensus, it was determined they were red ants that were driven inside the wall by a lack of food outside due to the drought. And that is why they consumed the insulation. I guess that makes sense, but I just can
  10. I was tearing out sheetrock, and I noticed the paper backing of a piece of pink fiberglass insulation had a void behind it. Something had taken all the insulation out of that recess leaving just the paper. I pulled the insulation away from the next area and found about 50 large, dark red ants. Other areas revealed even more ants. I thought maybe these were carpenter ants, but I see no indication of wood damage. But, for whatever purpose, they ate or removed a good bit of the fiberglass insulation. Any idea what these little buggers are?
  11. Late 60 to mid 70s for sure! It was the best music without a doubt, but it was the best years of my life, and I relate the music of the time to my enjoyment of that era. I can hear a particular song, and I can relate to a specific incident, or a particular person. I really get a kick out of seeing some young teen wearing a T-shirt with Led Zeppelin on it. I guess that music crosses many generational lines.
  12. I was a senior at Reagan when Durham was improved to become the southbound route. There was a stop sign at both 19th and 20th before the lights were installed. A friend pulled up next to me on 19th, and we did a short drag down Durham. A cop caught us both. That would have been either late
  13. My "Big 3" for Mexican food as a kid in the 50s was Old Mexico, Santa Anita downtown and Del Rio on N Shepherd. The building that was Del Rio is still there. It was a couple of blocks south of the North Loop in a brown building that is now (or was) an electronics shop.
  14. Bombero, I just looked at the Website for the Holland. It looks like if you ask them for a room, you have to tell them which room you want. I have never seen a hotel where every room had a different price. I
  15. The last reservation in a preplanned motel in is Carlsbad, and they have Internet access. So we will be able to make some plans from there. Big Ben and Fort Davis are set, so no communication is needed
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