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Downtown Office Tower At 1600 Smith St.


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With all that I have recieved, I figured it was about time I contributed a little something back to these forums. I took these from the 47th floor of the 1600 Smith building (Continental Center). I wish the weather was better that day, but I hope y'all enjoy regardless.









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Those are the infamous Enron Buildings. The ring is an elevated walk way above street level that connects the buildings which are now occupied by ChevronTexaco.

Scharpe St Guy

I'm not from Houston so I have to ask... what is that "ring" that runs through the buildings on the 7th pic? It;s really cool looking whatever purpose it serves.
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Brookfield Properties is reportedly in the process of “mothballing” one of downtown Houston’s more iconic office towers, The Real Deal has learned.

New York-based Brookfield, the largest landlord in downtown Houston, is asking current tenants at 1600 Smith to move to one of the company’s other 11 properties in the city’s central business district. The plan is to figure out what to do with the 23,500 square-foot, 51-story office tower, a source familiar with the property told TRD.

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1801 Smith is, I believe, another brookfield property- it’s the one currently being converted to multifamily. I wonder if they’re going to do a study with the DRA on converting this one- maybe multifamily and reno some of it to higher-end office space, like what they’re doing to Esperson. I feel like this side of DT needs more units. 1801 Smith is gonna help with that for sure. 

1600 Smith is a cool postmodern building. Even though I don’t always care for pomo architecture, I like the look of this one. It reminds me of something we’d make out of lego when we were kids ..

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14 hours ago, Urbannizer said:

It's hard to take the report of "mothballing" too seriously when they also tell us that the building is 23,500 square feet ..  I'm sorry, but anyone who could write that should not be reporting on commercial real estate matters.  They also tell us that "It (mothballing) is a fate that has already befallen some of the Bayou City’s other notable office towers"  with a link to a story about ONE building that was foreclosed and says nothing about any buildings  being mothballed.  <SMH>

To make matters even worse, they keep throwing out the word "mothball", but there doesn't seem to be any indication from Brookfield that they are "mothballing" is even one of the alternatives they are considering.  It seems some kind of repurposing would be considerably more likely. What a sad mish-mash of an article that was.

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