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Eliminate minimum parking requirements?

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28 minutes ago, gmac said:


COH should ban delivery vans and semis inside the loop, too. Y'all can walk to the furniture store and hump your trendy new sofa home on your back.


17 minutes ago, ADCS said:


Nah, those serve a public good. But semis that don't serve an origin/destination route should be banned ITL, IMO. Would significantly improve I-10 traffic.


Or we can not ban anything. That would be nice too. Always people on whatever side that go way to far and this is the case here. There is a center position that can work without banning anything. You know that right? Banning never works for almost anything...or anything period. This conversation isn't about banning or taking away anything from anyone. This is about the elimination of a "minimum standard" meaning people can now choose what they wish to do with vehicles as based on the market. I'm not going to let this devolve into a rage fest with torches asking to ban anything. Now do y'all have something actually worthwhile that would be tenable and realistic?

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46 minutes ago, ADCS said:

They should consider not buying vehicles that do not fit the demands of a major city then. Personal responsibility and all.

Some of them are the vehicles they use to make a living, and they can't afford to have that and a smaller vehicle. Others have trailers they tow, etc. It's not just people driving large vehicles for the sake of it.

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