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  1. Not sure if this is new "roiling" or a known development (also technically EaDo), but I'm adding it here: Sunrise Lofts - 89 Units with 81 designated as Community Development Block Grant Disaster Relief https://csd.harriscountytx.gov/Documents/Table of Selected CDBG-DR Affordable Rental Projects 051920 - website.pdf Recent (3/22/21) plan review permit states 64,086 sq ft apts with amenities. Currently an empty lot.
  2. Plat filed for the eastern half of lot that currently has the office building containing the Maritime museum and Andes Cafe on 2311 Canal St., so only the portion currently empty is covered. This entire property along with the one across the street bounded by Canal, Navigation, Runnels and the RR are owned by Midway (listed as KBRN on HCAD, same as East River). Both are highlighted in the attached picture. Judging by the shape I am thinking mid rise apartments, hopefully with some mixed use fronting Navigation. Anyone have additional info? Could this be the start of a larger "Gateway to the East End" project comprising both properties.
  3. I'm certain I saw a topic about this but couldn't find it. Merge if necessary. Multi block apartments by Alliance Broadstone in Eado. Saw signs on all sides of this future project. I assume the retail portion on the northern side will continue. Sparkle burger on the southwest corner was closed and abandoned, I wonder if they moved elsewhere? They were pretty good old school burgers but don't ever order a double, they were huge.
  4. Noticed some variance request signs on the N Ennis side of the Pruitt Co. shop, for reduced parking minimum requirements and reduced setback on Canal. I had no idea that Pruitt Co. was possibly moving (they mostly perform heavy commercial vehicle service and maintenance, including fire trucks and other City vehicles). I live a block away, so I’ll be watching this closely.
  5. preface: there's a lot of new residents checking out this sub forum, they are looking for good places to eat. Let's use this to share locations, and recommendations. you can format your recommendations however you want, but to make it easy, try: restaurant name food type location favorite dish BYOB? Kanomwan Thai https://goo.gl/maps/dLxueyTtQd8Ug3oL7 Pad Ka Pow yes! BYOB! Huyhn Vietnamese https://g.page/HuynhRestaurant?share #70 yes! BOYB! Texas Taco and BBQ tacos and BBQ https://goo.gl/maps/vsvWqvWXhbFUJhGb9 hot mess (loaded BBQ baked potato, only it's french fries instead of a baked potato, and some queso) no
  6. Just noticed the top floor of this building has been gutted. Any idea what's being done?
  7. http://swamplot.com/kaldis-buys-coffee-adjacent-cameron-iron-works-plant/2018-11-30/
  8. http://blog.chron.com/primeproperty/2015/07/old-coffee-building-in-eado-to-be-restored/ Not sure if there is already a thread on this...
  9. Hello, i don't know is this topic has been mention before but i'm curious about this huge mansion. looks very unique and actually looks like it was very beautiful when this home was being used. the home now looks abandon and covered in larges trees. does anyone know anything about this place? I've heard story's about being a fraternity but not clear. thanks
  10. Does anyone have any idea what is going on at 319 St. Emanuel? Looks like an industrial warehouse is being renovated. I have not been able to take any pictures, but this is a screenshot of the warehouse from google maps:
  11. Redevelopment planned for the old Rex Supply building on Harrisburg at Milby. This is near the Second Ward/Coffee Plant stop on METRO Green Line light rail. Looks to be mixed-use retail with plans for a three story garage. Definitely would be a welcome addition near the Sampson/York corridor. http://swamplot.com/what-rex-supplys-harrisburg-complex-would-look-like-with-restaurants-throngs-of-pedestrians-taking-over-its-thru-street/2018-09-20/ https://www.hpiproperties.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/milby-junction-1.pdf Special thanks to Swamplot for finding this (or at least making me aware of it lol)
  12. it seems like someone really decided we needed more BBQ in the East End. there's the one that's been perpetually under construction since pre-pandemic at Leeland near Emancipation. there's the one on Sampson for which @ljchou just started a topic. and near Dismuke and Lawndale, which used to be Stephanie's Ice House, there's another BBQ place opening up. Harris County General Store BBQ Company is what Google maps says, and it also says they're open now. not that I'm complaining, I love BBQ, just seems that someone hosted a seminar for how to open a BBQ restaurant and everyone decided to go for it.
  13. It looks like a kitschy shop called Confetti Riot has opened at 2220 Commerce Ste. E. Their website suggests they carry a similar type of product as Space Montrose. Instagram: @confettiriot_htx
  14. https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/c48a167c25b34b91aab2aedd56636624?cover=false
  15. This is one the current Houston Planning Comission Agenda. http://www.andersoncanyon.net/portfolio.html
  16. Coming soon signage for Roots Wine Bar is up in the windows at the small commercial building at 3107 Leeland St. This is a block or so southeast of East End Hardware. This is the former location of Metamorphose Studios, a business that (I believe) was engaged in restoration and sale of antique furniture. Swamplot article about the location from last year indicated that an alcohol permit had been applied for: http://swamplot.com/empty-leeland-furniture-workshop-now-has-a-wine-sign-on-it/2018-09-18/ Given the font on the signage, is it safe to assume that this venture is related to Roost on Fairview?
  17. Houston Business Journal has an article about a new affordable boutique hotel by Wanderstay to open in the East End. Does anyone have a subscription?
  18. Hi there, Looking for a few facts about an old building. Hoping someone on here can help. Here's what I know: Original family owned this building from 1920s off and on til the late 1990s Was previously a gas station, a warehouse/facility for commercial & auto batteries Property consist of 2 buildings, the original building and a long metal building. Second floor was added on after the 1920s (not sure date) Roof Structure is a Lamella Roof Design with tension cables tying the base together. I haven't confirmed the architect, but Gustel Kiewitt did the design of this type of roof structure. Here's what I'm looking for: age of roof structure architecture/engineer of roof structure what other building uses of the building
  19. since i pride myself on turning to the experts, can anybody help me out with the story behind this domed building located at 6604 harrisburg? our community building project in northline comes with strange territory- namely all kind of people sending in all kinds of photo's from all kinds of other areas asking for background. suggestions so far include an observatory, switch station, pump station the "bee hive" house, old water well and my favorite- the "alien landing" house. truly appreciate it!
  20. Hi guys, Long time no post. Over been driving past this for the past year and it seems like construction stopped several months ago. Did they run out of money?
  21. This place has beeb abandoned for at least a decade, but noticed last year they tore down an attached structure, then earlier this month, they closed off the parking lot.. did someone recently buy it?
  22. www.chron.com/business/real-estate/amp/Schlumberger-building-to-be-remade-in-EaDo-10854832.php
  23. Proposed 80-unit apartment project at Coyle and Napoleon.
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